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Civil War Quilt Along 2012

Out Of A Simple Idea An Event Unfolds

 Civil War Quilt Along 2012

This Is The Book We Are Using For Our Patterns
 Author:  Carol Hopkins
Publisher:  Martingale and Company The Patchwork Place
12 people all with the same goal, making a Civil War Quilt
Books are sought out, fabric is cut, packages and books are mailed. 
Let the sewing begin
May 14, 2012 
Here we go my friends. 12 people joining together to make something the same yet so different.  I am pleased with this wonderful group and I can't wait for the sewing to begin and the pictures to be posted and tutorials written. And don't forget that other beautiful quilt we are making, you know, the "Gratitude Quilt". Each quilter will make a block from the quilt they are making. These blocks will be set together and quilted and then sent to the generous folk who donated the books to us. 
Jeanne:  Instigator:  Comes up with some pretty good ideas, makes them happen, and basks in the warmth of everyone involved happiness.  I will take the blame for everything that could possibly go wrong.  :)  Plan maker, group cheerleader, Editor of tutorials.

Jane:  Assistant Instigator:  Will back me up when I start whining that I can't keep up, she will pump me up, build my steam, let the dogs out, whatever it takes to keep me on the straight and narrow.  Oh yeah,  she is putting the Gratitude Quilt together and quilting it.

Bea:  Tutorial Writer Extraordinaire:   Will assist you with tutorials, guiding you along with her superb knowledge.

Richard:  Big Wig Computer Guru, A Guy That Quilts:  Richard is here to make my life easier, he just didn't know that he signed up for that.  LOL

Secret Sender of Wonderful Books:  Will reveal who this is when Gratitude Quilt is done and on it's way to this wonderful person.  

All the rest of you, my very special wonderful friends. You have it made, you can do what you darn well want as long as Jane gets that GQ Block from you.  I am so glad you all agreed to do this with me.  I hope we can do this several more times together.

This is the page where we can all check out each other, talk to each other and it can be linked to from a button on each of our blogs.  There 3 people in the group who do not blog, but I will blog whatever they need.
Once a week on Friday, I want each of us to check into the Flickr group and post pics and also into the CWQA page (this page) telling us how we are progressing.  Once again, I really want you all to take pictures and post them here;   Flickr CWQA .

 Mary has already posted her GQ block.
CWQA 2012

 Photography and Quilt Block Courtesy of Mary
CWQA 2012
 Civil War Quilt Along 2012
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  1. Hi sweetie. Just checking in to report my progress. Gratitude blocks made and sent, with a heart full of appreciation for you and our benefactor. Fabric chosen for my quilt, pieces cut, initial piecing done. Now I need to trim up, and sew tiny squares into rows, rows into blocks, blocks into rows again...So I am in the midst of quilting and am feeling good about it.


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