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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Silliness

My legs are refusing to let me lay down and sleep, I have RLS or restless leg syndrome and it is difficult to live with on a regular day and medication, but when your Dr. is slow to refill your RX, well I just get to suffer until he does.  So, I sit here a while and work on the blog and surf the net, get up and walk around,  go outside on the deck and do stretches, try to lay down and sleep, ack nothing is working.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday morning.  Today is the day I finally will be using my AccuQuiltGo for the first time.  Can you spell 'excited", cause that is what I am.

Will catch you all later today, need to keep moving.

From Foggy Missouri causing black ice, I wish you good health, love and much happiness. 

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