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Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl XLV and NFL WIthdrawl

 Last Game: Super Bowl XLV - Feb 6, 2011 and NFL Withdrawal

Green Bay Packers 31 - Pittsburg Steelers 25. What a great game and a "sit on the edge of your seat" last quarter (that is if you could remain sitting)!  Green Bay started out strong and dominated the first half.  They came back from half-time and seemed to have lost some steam, but in the end came through for millions of "Cheese Heads" and others who, although disappointed it wasn't their team of choice playing, ultimately had the smarts to pick the right team.  The "STALLERS", just didn't have the fortitude to take  The Pack down, although they came close at one point, eg: the sitting on the edge of your seat scenario. 

My take on the game was that it was a nail-biter, heart racing, action packed last game of the season.
Green Bay Packers paced it home and the Pittsburg Steelers went home with brown pants because they got the crap beat out of them.

Now is the time that Sundays aren't near as fun as they are for the short NFL season that we are offered. This is the time that we all start moaning about no NFL games to watch except reruns, which do somewhat squelch the pangs of withdrawal but not quite.  We start verbalizing and bemoaning the loss of our Sunday afternoon entertainment for the next several months until our less then enthusiastic families and friends start avoiding us on the weekend.  My take on that is, they don't know how to enjoy a good football game, lack understanding about why we think we have to offer all the advice and criticism we can scream at the players and coaches from the armchair in our living room or at the stadium.  WE, the die-hard fans, know that without our sideline coaching, they just wouldn't be the team they are.

I know that I am not the smartest fan in the bunch and say and do stupid things regarding plays, etc., but I have something that not everyone has,.  My friend "Madame", who doesn't care what I say or how I say it, whether I am right or wrong, she lets me have my say and then discards all the crap and remains my loyal and  personal friend whose claim to fame is her 
~~~wait for it, here it comes~~~


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