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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Will I Be A Winner on March 13th??? I Sure Hope So
This may prove to have been my very best move today, if I had a good move at all.  I found this great giveaway on my new friend "Dear Crissy"'s blog and jumped right in the middle of getting the entering done for a, are you ready?,  HP TouchSmart 310!!  Yes, you read it right.  Please, please, please, let me be the winner and I promise that I will give "Hector" (my dying computer) a proper and respectful recycle.

To enter, take and click the "PC" over here on the right and it will take you to where you need to enter.  If for some unfortunate reason it doesn't work, try the link at the top of this post above..

If my computer gets any slower, it may not survive the not true, I have to baby it along until I can afford a new one.  I have been busy all day with pen and paper doing mock up of website design, think I have finally got it.  For sure it will be called "CupCakes and MudPies"   Interesting name but fits the ticket and will soon be self explanatory.  I am glad I am the brains or should I say the one that knows about computers, marketing, suppliers, etc... and Mabel knows how to do the other part.  Even if I do know that "other part", she will be the boss in that area and she don't give a hoot about my end of this endeavor, she is "computer illiterate" !!!   Gotta run, phone has rang 3 times, hubby of course, and I have to prepare my dinner yet.   It has been a very full and productive day!!!

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