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Monday, March 14, 2011

Can I Make a Quilt Out Of Hubbies Truck?

Believe me up until about 2 hours ago, I was contemplating that very fact.  Hubby has a big old diesel dually that is his pride and joy, just underneath the grandchildren in joyful.  He took off to go visit his cousin a few weeks ago and I was going to go to town and drive "The Big Truck" cause he took mine. Nope, I didn't get to go, it WOULD NOT START!  Hasn't started since.  Finally diagnosed what was wrong and ordered $600 part to put on it, this will be #2   $600 part we have put on it plus the $3500 transmission.  This vehicle doesn't even have 70,000 miles on it and it is bleeding us to death.  Yesterday, he gets on line to see about recalls, just with a glimmer of hope he missed something AND HE DID!  PTL  But so did the dealership. The part was not right when it went into the truck at birth and they extended the warranty on it up to 11 years.  Awwwww, you might say with relief, but not yet.  We now have to convince the supplier that has already mailed us the $600 part to take it back.  LOL, I really wasn't going to try to make a quilt out of hubby's truck.  I was going to shoot it with the shotgun.  No, I wouldn't do that either.  But hurray for us and hubby's ingenious use of the internet. 

Now how about quilting?  Haven't gotten a thing done.  I have decided I am over-thinking this blog thing and just need to relax and good things will come to those that are patient.  So tomorrow I have promised myself that I am working in my sewing room and get it all prettied up and be ready to enjoy sewing in by the end of the day or at least the end of the day on Wednesday. 

Camera is all fired up and ready to take before and after shots. And I might, just maybe, let you all see my stash.  And my UFO"S  And my I think I can make this work items.  Oh my, you probably will be feeling so sorry for me when this is over.  I can think the process, I can see it in my head, but for some reason it just don't always turn out right for me.   LOL  but I do have fun

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