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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It Was a Busy Monday

I don't know where to start or if it is even worth it, it has been one of those days that I needed 12 more hours in, ergo why I am still up.  I made huge progress on the Sewing Studio today and am pleased with the way it is looking.  I actually am a little anxious because I have so many quilts that simply need set together and quilted.  i am also still working on the binding of "The Cardinals In Winter" and hopefully will have it done in a couple more days. 
The way things are looking it is going to be just as busy tomorrow and maybe more so.  Such is life.  On a good note the tax refund came in and that is a huge help right now. I can think of tons of fabric and notions I want but I also know that we  have more important things to do with the money.  It doesn't hurt to dream though!!   ;-)
I am hoping that when this week and next are over, things will return to normal.
We are hosting a large family gathering at our home on April 10th and expect around 40 people.  I love doing things like this and since it is Steve's family that is an added bonus!
Will try to find time to blog about something relevant in the next few days.
For those of you that have asked about Maverick (for those that don't know he is my precious Chihuahua and has a terrible cold and bronchitis.  He seems to be improving except for lots of sneezing and nose bubbles.  I sure wish I could get him to blow his nose. 


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