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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sabbath Sunday

First I want to put my favorite saying here and see if anyone comment
"Do you know Him? If you have to ask who, then you don't know Him. You should take some time to do get to know Him  I encourage you to take a moment out of your life and take the opportunity to get to know Him.  He will be your best friend, love you unconditionally, never guide you wrong and will always be with you.

Now on to blog business.  1 Choice 4 Quilting has a fabulous giveaway goning on.  If you like fabric, you will love what she is giving.  Click on the purple print and when you get to her site, follow her directions

We Want to Give You More Sunkissed! Are You Ready to Win 4 More Yards?

Last week we did this same contest but, guess what? I totally messed up!!

I put in the wrong number of people in the contest! What is a girl to do when she messes up?

Hold another contest and give TWO more people 4 MORE yards of Sunkissed.

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