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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Sentiments

My day has been very layed back and easy. We ate what we wanted when we wanted and it was cool to not have to cook.  Steve did fix breakfast and because of that I cleaned the kitchen.  I hate that job but he is a great cook so won't look a gift horse in the mouth!  Have you ever wondered what that means?, I have!!!  We were clouded over and having heavy rain when the "Supermoon" was supposed to make its entry, but at 3:00 am the moon was so very bright. 
This was our weekend to have our granddaughter Dana.  I am weaning myself from being so huggy lovey with her.  She is going to be 16 in September and I have decided that I won't enforce the court order after that unless there is more then a month between times we hear from her.  It just breaks my heart, she has a boyfriend, not dating yet but still a boyfriend.  I so miss all the loving and hugging and neediness that went with her being younger.   If anyone has some advice to ease this transition for me, I am all ears. 
Tomorrow I am not getting on the computer until my work is done, I have to get back on the ball. I have put too many things off too long, change of habits coming up!!!
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