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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Talkin' Tuesday Hosted by CaraQuilts

Since I am so new to all this Blog fandangled stuff I am just a lurker trying to learn but....I also have been a very lucky lurker, having won a great quilt book and fabric.  Anyway on to this "Talkin' Tuesday thing, the best I can figure out is one of my followers  CaraQuilts is hosting this little get together over on the Twitter thing, oh and did you know there is a Twitter Chat, I didn't until tonight.  Oh back on course now, so they are talking over there and she has a couple or 50 "STARS" there talkin' it up with us peeps.  I am too scared to talk but sure have had fun reading. LOL  Someone over there hates the word "velcro" so be careful what you say.  If you hurry you might be able to catch a bit of it at this link
Now about those STARS the best I can figure is one of them is Ellen of Ellen Medlock Studio who was Cara's sponsor for tonight. I also saw Barij Ackerman who is  a  fabric, sewing pattern and surface designer. Barij says :"I love to create" and she sure does. She has a fabulous blog  where she shares her great talent .with all of us that drop in so be sure you do, it is a place that is hard to leave  You may have to copy/paste her link.  1Choice4Quilts dropped by for a bit, but was spending time with her mom tonight so couldn't stay long. Here's her link and of course I just have to share, I won a bundle of Moda Sunkissed from her and I am thrilled. See my previous post about her next giveaway and maybe you can do a star for Moda too.  I am pretty sure that anyone that showed, talked or just read like me, was one of them 50 STARS I was talkin' about.   CaraQuilts tells me there has been over 40 in and out tonight so it sure sounds like it has been  a fine Talkin' Tuesday!!!  Hook up with Cara and join in on this fun thing on twitter  "Talkin' Tuesday"
Wishing you a good night and sweet dreams  ;  )  J

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