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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday Terrible Troubles

Sleeping like a baby, awakened by the roar of a LION gone mad!!   Hubs is standing over bed roaring at me to "get up get up you have to get up right now and get to the basement"!  That was the roar that woke me up fully as the basement to me means only one thing ""MY SEWING STUDIO" and of course the worst possible scenarios ripped through my mind in the 2.2 seconds it took me to get down into the basement.  In my wildest imagination was I prepared for what I found.  It smelled so bad and was so wet and OMG our sewer backed up into over 1/2 of our basement.  Another 2.2 seconds spent checking over quilting machine and stash, whew I am ever thankful that all my stash was still in plastic tubs but my quilting frame was standing in water.  He is roaring for me to "start sucking water up" and I in my dazed and dumbfounded state of mind was only able to comprehend that the man wanted me to get a straw and start doing what..:?????  INSANITY has a hold on this fool for sure.  Then he turns me so that I can see he has the shop vac all "ready for me" "hmmpff"  I don't think so, priorities are to move my quilting machine and stand to dry ground fast and then make sure that my tubs are not standing in water and then we will talk about "sucking water up"  Okay we got that done in good time and I am thinking, maybe I should call insurance company and let them fix the mess......I was greeted with a resounding "NO" that is not part of your coverage and without further ado....I start sucking up the water and I am ever thankful it was just water, I couldn't have taken anything else.  Got up as much as the shop vac would do and then made more calls, carpet cleaners come quickly and they did, hubs open the clog, it only took like 2 minutes to do but he turned in circles for a good 1/2 hour while telling me how I was not using the shop vac right.  It took one dirty look to have him scampering out of my way and get to cutting out the padding under the carpet, get the fans and dehumidifier running and all that.  I retired to my office to attend to the matters at hand and that was to call my 2 bff's to get some much needed sympathy and verbal hugs.  One of them came through like a trooper and the other just laughed at me and said so sweetly  "Better you then Me"  and just laughed the whole time I told the story.  And then----------
things took a turn for the better, we did have coverage and all I have to do is call a 1-800 number and help is on the way.  Then I went out with my great BFF that didn't laugh and had a late lunch and shopping.  All is better now.  What a day is all I can say...
On another note will be seeing our oldest son tomorrow who will be 43 years old and we are having a party.  Hope it is for me to commiserate that I really do have 2 children both in their 40's. But I think I can get through it alright, I am going to get my bellybutton pierced.  See you in a couple of days.  Ya'll have good days!!!

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