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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday A Day To Rest

After a long day of fishing on a lake where the wind was so cold, I am ready for a day of rest.  We should be done with our wanderings by late today or Tuesday.  I think we are both ready to be "at the house".  But we have had so much fun.  We just took off last week with no plans and no destination, just some clothes, snacks and the "Maverick" in celebration of our 28th anniversary.  I hope we do this same thing many times before we get too old to enjoy "spur of the moment craziness".   Still discussing driving to Alaska this year.   

I received a text yesterday telling me that I was a "great-great aunt"!  Woot...Noah weighed in at 10.5 pounds and is 22.5" tall.  He had a bit of trouble getting here and was born face up which caused some bruising, so had to be taken to the NIC Unit for some close observation.  Last report I had is that he is doing better but no idea when he will get to go home to mom. 

More later as the day progresses.  I have to find out the date of my Sister and BIL's 50 anniversary party. I think they must have not sent us an invitation or if so wrong address or something. Can't imagine after 16 years here they wouldn't know my address by now.  Any guess is as good as mine.  I will talk to my Sis and see for sure when it is, I am thinking next weekend?? 

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