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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Feeling The Love

I'm feeling rather good right now. 

The other day was playing trivia for prizes at Road Home Quiltin and her blog post was picked up by Billy Joel site.  See us here:  Blog post on Apron book winner was picked up by a Billy Joel site LOL hope that helps your SEO  You know they had no clue what that was all about when it hit. My one and only claim to fame.

Quilters Club of America loves me too!  Feeling better and better.  Have I turned into a Sock Monkey yet?  Just checking cause everybody loves a Sock Monkey!!  Oh wait, you all don't know about the Sock Monkey deal., when I finally grow up (if  I ever do) I want to be a Sock Monkey for all the love and attention. :).  Anyway, I posted a tip and QCA picked it up and put it out there as a "Good One".  sort of....

Jeanne Posted: 
I keep all pieces of my quilt batting and roll them into a ball. When I am done cutting fabric, I just take the roll of batting and wipe across my mat and the cutting table. It picks up and holds onto all that lint and thread we have left behind.  

So much for my pearls of wisdom. 

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