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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Big Event #3

Did you all think that I was not going to post again?  Sorry, but I have been busy canning pickles, salsa, taco sauce, salsa, salsa, salsa. Whew, we have a lot of salsa to eat this winter.  Oh, wait you don't want to hear that, you want to hear about "The Big Event" that is coming..............
It is still going to happen. And you are going to love it for sure. Next round of hints, questions.

Do you hate it when you cut out all those blocks and you were so careful to get them all just exactly the same size only to find out they really aren't irregardless of your careful measuring and cutting?  How can that possibly happen?  It does, time after time after time.

Do you have a cutting mat that you think is better then any other on the market?  What kind is it and why do you like it best?

Do you have trouble getting your thread through the eye of your sewing machine needle?  I did but now keep a small bar of bees wax beside my machines and simply press the end of the thread into it and automatically you have a stiff piece of thread that almost jumps into the needle eye. 

Do any of you use a 1/4" seam guide bar on your machine?  Did you know that if you use two diffeent machines to sew on your 1/4" seams may not be 1/4"  I read that the other day.

When cutting your fabric, how many layers do you cut through?  I usually do 4-6 depending on the template I am using. you use card stock to make yours?  I did, until hubby started cutting them out of Plexiglas for me.  He uses his scroll saw to cut them and then buffs the edges so they aren't so sharp.

Would you like to win a prize that has multiple parts? 

What is your favorite color for focus on your quilts? I prefer white or muslin, unless it is dark blocks then I will use a Moda mottled (my word for it).

Giveaway will start Monday August 1st and run for 2 weeks.  Keep your eyes sharp, you might see it on my blog somewhere!!! 

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