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Monday, July 18, 2011

The Big Event is Coming to The Learning Curve #1

A little late getting this done and I apologize. We were blessed with visitors the last 3 days and I have been swamped with just trying to do what had to be done and am grateful that they all willingly jumped in and did most of the cooking and cleaning up.  (The good side to not feeling well).
But as promised, I have a big event coming up and wanted to put some teasers out here for you to ponder over.
When you are ready to start a new quilt, what is the first thing you think of?  Color? Design? Layout?
What is your favorite shape? Squares? Circles? Hexies? Diamonds?
Do you have a favorite pair of scissors? What brand are they? Have you ever had them sharpened?
Do you rotary cut or scissor cut?
What do you think about the gadgets that cut the shapes for you? Have you used one?
Ponder on these questions for a few days.  Tell your quilting friends there is a Big Event coming over here at The Learning Curve and give them the link to get to my page and watch for more teasers and news all week.
If I reach 100 followers this week the Big Event will get BIGGER!!! So encourage your friends to get on over here and join in the fun.  This is just the beginning of my round of giveaways.  Yep, I give gifts for followers.
Have a great week and remember check back in frequently to see what is happening. I may slip a giveaway in here and you might miss it.    ~~~~~Jeanne~~~~~

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