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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Monday The Day After Sunday

Yesterday we were surprised by text to download we both received on our cell phones. Imagine our surprise when we opened the picture and it was a very beautiful woman's hand with an absolutely drop-dead, have a heart attack engagement ring!  Didn't take us long to figure out what was what!!! Our oldest son Chuck is getting married to a beautiful and most wonderful woman, Sherry! And we couldn't possibly be any happier unless it is the bonuses that come with the deal, Connor gets a great stand-in Mom (I so dislike the word step-anything and refuse to use it) and we get a gorgeous 22 yo grandson, Tyler,  to go with our soon to be 11 yo Connor. Both boys approved of the engagement and very soon to be wedding. It is going to be a very quiet ceremony with just Chuck, Tyler and Connor. We do get to go to the reception a few weeks later. For some reason they seem to think they need a week in Florida for a honeymoon just because they are getting married. I say unnecessary! you deserve it so have a good time.  And they won't let us go along, go figure! Kids, we took them on all our trips but now they only promise they will help us to the bathroom in our senile senior years.  LoL
I personally can't believe that there is anyone that I would rather have be a MoM to Connor then Sherry. They are so in tune to each other and she will be a great roll model. I say anyone that makes my son happy is the someone I want in his life and my grandsons.
Sherry and Tyler, we are delighted to add you to our family! Welcome and know we feel like you should have been here all along.
The AccuQuilt GO! Baby Giveaway is going great! I am thrilled with the response and hope to see another 100 people sign in to win. Good Luck to all of you.
Starting Friday, I will be doing another giveaway. Aurifil thread is now sponsoring my blog and that makes me totally want to go Sqeeeeeeeee each time I think about it. Thank you Alex for sending me the goodies, wait until you all see!!!
I want to wish the gals from Quilters Club of America that are going to Iowa a wonderful trip and time together. You won't get away without me next year, I promise you!!!  I am glad things worked out that I couldn't go as I would have had to cancel with so much to do. But again, have a blast and GDAS!!! (If you want to know what that means email and I will tell you LOL) I hear there is going to be wine and beer  beverages and snacks, my kind of party. Throw in quilt shops and all the other things you are planning and it can't be anything but a great time. Pictures, pictures, pictures. PS:  I was going to bring 10 pounds of chocolate walnut million dollar fudge and 10 pounds of my much bragged on peanut butter fudge. Next year, I promise.
Gee, I would love to show you pictures of what I have been making but I have been very busy making the house ready to put on the market.
Yes, we are planning on selling our beautiful home and our beloved 7 acres so that we can do what we have waited on for so long.  Our plans are to travel for a few years before settling down into a home again. First trip is into northern California to see the redwoods, on into Oregon and Washington, over to British Columbia Victoria Island and then to the main part of the trip ALASKA!!  WE will drive as long as we want, stop when we want and take time to enjoy our beautiful USA.  Coming home I hope we are able to drop down into Idaho or thereabouts and hit those northern states, revisit Wyoming, where we lived when we were first married and then head back to Missouri. We don't know where we are going to buy land and build yet, but it will be down in southern Missouri unless we decide to never leave Alaska.
Tha Tha That's All Folks. Take care, love your family and friends, be kind to everyone, and don't get so busy you don't take time to Smell The Roses!!



  1. Again, Congrats to your wonderful news and to your son! How rude that the won't take you on vacation! ;-)

    You made me giggle. A gdas quilting trip would be interesting. Would gdas quilts fall under "art" quilts? Not sure how much we'd get done though. haha

    You're trip sounds exciting! We're thinking about doing something like that next year.

  2. congrats on your sons engangement.

    and the trip sounds awesome. traveling is my favorite thing just never enough time or money. i live in washington (east side though) so need any suggestions while here I know a few most are on the west side but some must see places like sequim where we just got back from.


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