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Monday, August 1, 2011

Winners of Charity Challenge and Giveaway

Thank you all for making the commitment. I do wish more had been able to be involved but it is what it is and I am ever so grateful.  I have a few of the quilts and blankets in and will take pictures  soon to post.  Hope you all are having a "quilty" day........What?  What?  Well alright, quit yelling already, here are the winners, ya'll are so impatient.

Did ya'll know that Amanda Wright was the winner of the $50 in-store credit at LolaPink Fabrics?   Yep she was and she IS shoppin' right now.

Oh, sorry about that, got off track. 

Here you go, no more delays:

1.  10 yards of Sis Boom Fabric from Jennifer Paganelli is:
    Mabel (Marilyn) Jessupp!!  Mabel  made 5 receiving blankets and one baby quilt.  Thank you
    Mabel and Thank you Jennifer. We all LOVE your fabrics and patterns!!!

2. $25.00 in-store credit to the Wild Olive-Mollie Johanson    Dana Meyers!!   Dana made 2 of the sweetest baby quilts and 2 receiving blankets. Thank you
   Dana and Thank you Mollie  If you haven't visited Mollie's blog and seen her things you really are
   missing out

3. Cotton Floss Book Author: Natalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches-Natalie Lymer:   Dana Meyers!!  (blame it on Random.Org)  Please, if you aren't familiar with Cinderberry Stitches, get yourself over there and look at what this fabulously talented woman creates!  Absolutely AWESOMENESS!!  Thank you Dana for your commitment and Thank you Natalie Lymer  We all are CRAZY IN LOVE with  what you do!!!  

4.  One Year Subscription to Machine Quilting Unlimited Magazine:
    Amanda Wright!!  Amanda made a very sweet baby quilt and I think some other things, she isn't
    telling her secrets today.  Thank you Amanda and Machine Quilting Unlimited.  I know you will
    enjoy this Amanda! 

5.  5 Tula Pink Patterns courtesy of TulaPink  2 Winners  5 patterns each
     First Winner:  Sharon from Wyoming!!  Thank you Sharon for your contribution and Thank You
     Ms.TulaPink  These patterns about started WWIII They ALL wanted them!!!
     Second Winner: Sharon Pernes!!   Sharon made a really sweet baby quilt. I can't wait to see it
     in  real time!!  Thank you Sharon P and again Thank you Tula Pink.

6.  12 Beautifully Machine Embroidered Snowflake Quilt Blocks   Amanda Wright!!
     (once again blame it on that Random fella) Congratulations Amanda, today is your winning day
     obviously, if I was you, I would be out buying lottery tickets!  And remember the little people LOL

7.   Die-Cut Quilt Kit - Pinwheels in the Park (I don't think that is the right name): 
      Michelle Elphinstone!!    Thank you for committing, making that sweet little baby quilt and
      understanding my passion.

8.  Charm Pack  Moda "Louisa"     Beth Talmadge!!  Thank you very much Beth for
      making such a stinkin' cute quilt. That is going to be one happy baby.

9.  Kalediscope Die-Cut Quilt Kit - Jenny Wiegel !!    Jenny has committed to making two
     baby quilts.Jenny's husband has been gravely ill with a brain tumor (accidently discovered in ER
     because of a headache that didn't go away and by the grace of God)  Jenny we are all out here
     praying that the best things happen for you guys!!!! You have time to finish the quilts, no pressure!

10:  Quilt Journal    Beth Talmadge!!  Beth I hope you use this quilt journal. We all have to  
       preserve the providence of our quilts. 

Thank you all. I can't say that enough.  My Sponsor's went above and beyond to help me get the word out there. You guys all did your share of RT's and I thank you even if I am going to "Twitter Jail"!  It was so worth it.  I would say Thank You to Mr. Random.Org but he has been a pain in my keister for two days now.  Maybe later when my wounds heal from thumping my head on the wall.  IT was a great run girls.  God Bless you each and every one!!!  I will never forget what you did to make this happen. 


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