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Friday, September 23, 2011

So You Don't Have An AccuQuilt Cutter

Even if you don't have an AccuQuilt GO! or GO! Baby you can still get the 22 free patterns from AccuQuilt by simply going on their email list. So why don't you just click on the "22 Free Patterns" link above this post and get your name on that list?  You won't be inundated with hundreds of spammy posts, AccuQuilt is classier then that. I think the most posts I have had may have been two in one day but that is rare.  The patterns are beautiful and worth the downloads.  While you are at AccuQuilt, review the GO! die-cutters and how much time they save you cutting all those blocks by hand with scissors. I really do not know how I ever got along without mine.

AccuQuilt always has a daily special and great huge sales on items. Seems like they have at least one NEW ITEM offer most days. If you are looking for Customer Service with more then a smile, these folks are for you, they bend over backwards and may even do a flip to please you. They are most definitely all about the customer.

Don't forget now, click on the link for the free 22 patterns above this post and then set aside a few minutes to wander around AccuQuilts lovely web store.

Happy day and Be Safe,


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