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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Sis

Since you took your "Pink Ribbon" on moved on up to heaven I thought I wouldn't be able to tell you happy birthday.  That was a foolish thought. Of course I can tell you happy birthday just like I have for more years then we should even think about. So here goes Sis, hope you enjoy it as much as you have in past years!
Singing Happy Birthday To You at the top of my lungs in a crazy voice and trying not to laugh!
I'm telling you that "ha ha ha for the next 34 days you are definitely 2 years older then me" and LMAO like I do every year. 
Asking you what you got for your birthday like I do every year
And now crying my heart out because I can' t see you or hear you. I miss you terribly.
See you soon, Love you
Happy Birthday Sis


  1. I get it. I've been there. I send you virtual hugs and a bottomless box of tissues. Grief is a long, arduous process that has no end - you just get better at coping and managing. It has no end because thankfully, love has no end. Over time (long time) grief changes and become an expression of extraordinarily amazing love. I'm on the same road with you, just a little ahead of you. And even today, there are people on the same road - but behind you. We all help each other along. BIG hugs - Joan

  2. Jeanne I be your Sis was looking down at you and giggling about you singing.


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