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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Good Things Are A'Comin'

Hi peeps, I'm back after celebrating my birthday in style. Dr's. appts. and then shopping and lunch with a friend and then more shopping. We laughed so hard both of our stomachs are sore today.  My day was great and OH BTW  Dear Steve got me the much coveted lap top I have been dying for.  He spoils me so good...........Whoooo love that guy.  

Don't forget there is something going on here and good things are  A'comin'. 

Hint #1:  Yes it has to do with Christmas

I know you all must have figured it out from the one hint  :)

I want to keep you interested by slipping in hints while I decorate my tree, stairway, outside trees and in general get things looking great here at the Gwin Homestead.  So without to much time left to blog why don't we play a little fun game and there may or may not be a prize involved. LOL  Just fun things to do

Join my blog via gfc and comment with what your favorite Christmas Song is and tell me you are a new follower or an old follower.  I will have Dear Steve pick the song he likes the best and if more then one person chooses it, I will put there names in a hat and he can decide the winner who may or may not get a prize.

BTW, I am also hanging the stockings with care today. 

Get on over here and join in the fun. Wait until you see what is going to happen!!!

Happy Day,



  1. My favorite Christmas song is "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas". I love that it acknowledges some of the melancholy feelings of Christmas, but there is still as fundamental sweetness and sentimentality there. When I made a cd of Christmas songs and gave it to friends one year, I included two versions of this dear song.

  2. 'here comes santa claus' is a happy, jolly tune ... hope that's the one your tune.

  3. I am a follower, and my favorite Christmas song is probably, "Baby, It's Cold Outside". The Ray Charles version, of course! :)

  4. I am a relatively new follower. My all time favorite Christmas song is Little Drummer Boy sung by the chipmunks!! Too cute!

  5. My favorite Christmas song is "The Little Drummer Boy". I'm an old follower.

  6. Hi! I bet Steve will never pick my favorite Carole: Silver Bells. Ilike it because I think it is the only Christmas song about shopping :) Glad you are well, Jeanne, and having fun decorating.
    Happy Holidays!

  7. VERY tough decision...I am all about the songs...but the first one that popped into my head is "it's the most wonderful time of the year..." I am a follower.

  8. Only 7 of you wrote and said what your favorite song was for Christmas. And all but 2 were different. Each song picked is wonderful and they are all my favorites. I have made a list and in a couple of weeks I will check it twice, then I'll know if you have been naughty or nice! Yep, Santa Claus is coming to The Learning Curve~Quilts and Such and are you going to be surprised at what is going to happen. Stick with me girls, tell me hi every now and then and yes you all have won something but I can't tell you for 2 weeks. Secrets Secrets Secrets.


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