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Friday, November 18, 2011

Running Up the White Flag!

Today's deal is a Bella Solids White Charm Pack by Moda Fabrics for just $2.22! That's 75% off!  Includes 42 5"x 5" squares of beautiful quilt fabric.

Around the world, a white flag is a symbol of surrender. You know, the good guys and the bad guys are in a brutal, swashbuckling sea battle until finally, the bad guys’ ship runs up the white flag and the battle is over. Well, you know what I think? What’s so wrong with surrendering? 

The first thing I do in the mornings when I turn on my computer is hit my shortcut to Missouri Star Quilt Company.  You asked "why"? and I say "how could I not"? They offer an amazing deal everyday to quilters.  I am going to speculate that many of you have already bookmarked MSQC already or you will after this blog. If you don't, well you are going to miss some spectacular daily deals and of course MSQC has great bargains every day.  Check them out Quilters. They make their business all about us!!!   Let's support this fantastic company..


1 comment:

  1. I bought mine. I love that place.
    first thing I check every morning.


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