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Monday, November 14, 2011

The Thing About Changes

The thing about changes coming is that only one person, well maybe two, knows what they are and how to make those changes happen just the way they envision them.  Some of the changes have already happened on the blog.
As you've noticed, I have a new look on the blog page, which reminds me to thank each of you for you kind remarks.  I am also adding a store to my page in affiliation with Amazon, my favorite online shopping store, especially at Christmas.  I hope to have it completely up and running in the next week or two and it will be a permanent part of my blog.  Another change, which you
 can't see, is I have a new computer which is a laptop with Windows 7 on it.  Finally I have graduated from my much beloved XP.  I have it currently setting on my computer desk in front of my desktop and I spend more time trying to figure out why the "mouse" isn't working before it dawns on me, the mouse is connected to the desktop not the laptop.  So bear with typographical errors, buttons pushed and news dispensed before was done typing and things like that.  I'll get used to it soon I'm sure.  So that is three changes, with a big one coming in two weeks.
Can you believe that Christmas is almost here?  I am so busy sewing gifts and making quilts that I don't have time for twitter and Facebook very much at all.
Last week we discussed our favorite Christmas Songs, favorite books and what you would do if my birthday was yours and what you would do.  This week there are more discussions.  Today let's talk about what you want for Christmas this year.  The ultimate thing that you want.

Toodle for now,



  1. As far as gifts go, this year as always I am wishing for books and tv-on-dvd. is great for letting people know which books I don't have but am hoping for, which seasons of what favorite show I'd love to watch when I'm not feeling well, etc. The new addition to my wishlist is fabric, and that's probably what I want most. In the past, I never thought to ask for fabric, probably in part because I would turn around and make it into something I'd be giving as a gift. But I have decided to make more quilts for our home, and wallhangings and table runners--I want it to reflect that a quilter does live here. And so I feel okay about wishing for a fat quarter bundle or a layer cake.

    My sweetheart loves to give the big, thoughtful gift--example, one birthday he surprised me with the laptop I'm tapping on right now. So when I say, I'd like a stack of 10 inch squares, that seems a little puny to him. But it thrills me, and I've found another sweet aspect to it: now, when I make a quilt with fabric I've been given, the giver becomes part of the quilt. I'm starting work on a quilt made with fabric and a pattern book I received from a faraway cousin. And that cousin is so close to my thoughts as I work. It's a lovely, unexpected bonus.

  2. What I want for Christmas/Hanukkah this year is time with my Hubby. I would love to get away somewhere just the 2 of us.

  3. All of my Christmas shopping was done with one fell swoop. My hubby and I bought tickets to The Very Merry Christmas Party at Walt Disney World for our two kids , their families and us. We live in FL within driving distance of the mouse's house.I am looking forward to a magical time with all of us together that night. Our best gift is watching the joy in our grand kids' eyes.


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