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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Stocking Surprise Has Come To An End

Christmas Stocking Surprise Giveaway 

It has been a lot of fun doing the giveaway.  So much happened in these past weeks. We started the day after Thanksgiving, Steve and I lost a dear friend of over 30 years to God's arms. I developed walking pneumonia and was out of commission for a couple of days. But then we picked right back up and finished with a bang. There were a few surprises along the way and I found out who was really paying attention.  Three of the entrants noticed that I missed  left out a few things, just so I knew who was on their toes.....
Beth noticed and mentioned that there was not a "Christmas Stocking Surprise Giveaway Day 1".  She wins a nice little gift for "paying attention".

Jodi noticed that there was not a "spotlight day" for one of the sponsors. (FYI-they were spotlighted but in a subtle manner). She wins a little gift for "paying attention".

Carolyn  noticed that I did not do a recap today like I said I would.  She too wins a nice little gift for "paying attention".

No one noticed that I made my 200th Blog during the giveaway, even with the hints I sprinkled around.

No one noticed that one days blog just totally disappeared, ha ha, I can't believe that wasn't noticed. I do have the blog and entries saved from that day so you won't lose out on those entries.

No one noticed that I entered in my own blog giveaway.  Don't worry, my entries were deleted. They were up for 3 days then I pulled them.  They will not be counted, I promise.

I found the time to participate in another giveaway "Quilters Blog Party Giveaway" and entered into a spontaneous race to reach 200 followers with BeaQuilts.  I was the victor in the race by only 2 followers, the race was so close all the way through.  We both advertised it on our blogs and if you entered by joining our blogs and a couple of other things, your name is in a pot to win a gift. One winner from my blog and one winner from Bea's. I raced in a hot 2012 silver Porsche and Bea was in her snappy Mustang. And we both said a lot of  "Varooooooms".  Thanks Bea for playing along. It was a blast!

Thank you to my wonderful sponsors.  Without them, there would have been far less gifts in the Christmas Stocking.
Keep paying attention as I will be doing some pretty heavy advertising for all of them over the next few months (links are below). They all are having incredible sales now and I encourage you to check them out for some wonderful gift options.

Martingale Publishing:                                            
Fat Quarter Shop:                                                      
Aurifil Thread:                                                           
Patches Place:                                                            
Paula Gsell:                                                                
Prairie Point Junction:                                                
Marie Bostwick:                                                       
Amanda Murphy Design:                                          
Missouri Star Quilt Company:                                  
The Learning Curve~Quilts and Such:      Total:   $500.00 + in items being given away to one winner.

Now I get to count and double check entries, then "Santa will pick a winner.  The only thing that each entrant "had" to do was complete ALL the mandatory requests. If you did not complete them all your entries will not count. This was fully disclosed to all entrants from the start of the giveaway.  So I will be back, hopefully tomorrow, to announce the winner here, on facebook, on twitter and via email. If you did not leave an email address, I will have to pick another person.  Stay tuned for the announcement. When I hear from the winner that they have received their stocking, I will post a list of what they received with pictures.  :)

Thanks, once again, to all of you. I hope you enjoyed what I did and that you will stick with me to see what the New Year might bring. I wish the best of luck to you all.  See you tomorrow.


DISCLOSURE:  I did not receive monetary compensation from the sponsors. I did receive "like" items to those the winner will receive. I will do a review of each item and post on my blog.  All statements made are my own opinion, not those of my sponsors.