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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

QuiltingRanny's blog . So many cute little things. Go see her, tell her I sent you over and I think we both get extra entries or maybe it is just you or maybe it is just me.  You know what, just stop by and tell her Hi, that I sent you because it is worth the visit.  Have a "Happy Heart" day and get a bit of exercise, drink your water, eat your veggies and tell a female friend how important it is for women to be especially knowledgeable in keeping a healthy heart!!!  How is your red holding up?  Show me yours, I'll show you mine!!!!

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  1. I was at QuiltingRanny's yesterday. Thanks for the reminder so I will comment that you sent me k? hehe. Thanks for caring for all of us and reminding us to take care ourselves, while we take care of our families etc. I hope the "red" you show us is not a sunburn. hehe. I have redwork with me, does that count?


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