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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Teaching Small Children 9-1-1

Hi my special peeps, it is a beautiful day here in Lakeland, Florida.  Today we are going to an open air produce market that is actually for stores and restaurants but they allow the general public in to buy as well.  There is only one downfall, you can only buy by the case and well, we just don't eat that much that fast any longer.  I am taking my camera so I can share this experience with all of you, as it is something you just don't see everyday, or at least this old-fat woman had never seen the likes until my first trip to Florida.

But more importantly, I know you are all so concerned curious as to why I am up this time of morning.  I am still operating on Missouri time and I do not sleep well in beds other then my own and in this instance, on couches other then my own.   It is comfortable and I have slept a couple of good hours on it but it just isn't home.  And my baby, Maverick is staying with Chuck and Sherry and I believe he may be causing trouble in their marriage. He isn't being very nice to my son and growls at him until he gets up and leaves the bedroom so he can get in bed with Sherry and snooze some more.  It is just too funny.  I miss him so much and did call him the other night to say high, but he was more interested in Sherry and licking himself to pay attention to the voice in the phone.

How's about we start a giveaway today??  Oh, really, well I hear you all "sqeeeeing" so here you are........wait, you have to learn something new about the heart today first.

Teaching Your Young Child How, When and Why They Should Call 9-1-1

Because we are women and we are the controlling factor of our children, it is important that from as early on as you think it is feasible, teach your children to use the phone for a 9-1-1 emergency, when to use the phone, who to call, what to say and most importantly where they are when they make the call.  So here is a good check list and some advice on how to teach them.

1.  Teach them to state their name and address at the beginning of the call.
2.  Teach them when to call and why.
3.   Post right next to the phone the number to dial and the address of your home in large print so you child will remember to follow these steps.  Now you are saying "why would I have to write "9-1-1" when it is so obvious what to dial.  These are small children who become very scared when something is wrong with "mom" and they can't function as an adult might. So it is imperative that we teach them.
4.   Hook up with your 9-1-1 operator to do a couple of practice runs or there are other ways of letting them practice the drill without taking the time away from the Emergency Responders.  We practiced when my parents were at our home and used an open line or in house line to call from one phone to the next.  Have them dial 9-1-1 while the line is open, the responding party (gram or gramp or dad) will answer the call as such
"9-1-1 operator, what is your emergency?
Child:  My name is Smart Heart and I live at 1313 Locust street.  My mom is on the floor and won't wake up and she sounds funny,
9-1-1 Operator:  blah blah
Stuart:  blah blah blah
and practice this at least once a month.  Things happen and we need the kiddo's prepared.

Now to that giveaway.......

My shining sponsor, Fat Quarter Shop, has generously given me a Always And Forever Petite Fat Quarter Bundle Deb Strain for Moda Fabrics   Always And Forever Petite Fat Quarter Bundle includes 12 fat quarters.  Thank you Kimberly and Stefanie, ya'll rock.  I think this fabric bundle is so appropriate and suits the occasion so well.

There are only 2 things to do today to be entered to win. .....

1.   Post me a picture here of something red you have made, It doesn't have to be all red but some red in it makes it red. Leave a comment here telling me about the picture.

2.   Blog, tweet, or post on facebook about this giveaway and something about heart health in women, include a link back to this post and a link back to  Fat Quarter Shop.  Leave a comment with a link to whatever venue you used to tell people.

That's all kiddos except this giveaway will run from today, February 8th through next Thursday February 16th and the winner will be picked Friday. 

I "heart" you all!!!

Jeanne who is getting ready to go to Plant City Florida and take pictures to share with ya'll later today.



    am not much on red, this is a picture of a 1600 race strip quilt with some red strips!

  2. This is the reddest quilt I've ever made:

    Great advice on practicing 911. It's not only kids who can freeze in an emergency and forget what to call. Years ago, my roommate had a partial gastrectomy. One day he came into the living room and said that he didn't feel well, and proceeded to collapse. My first thought was, "I need to call Tom (our neighbor) to come help!". I didn't--by the time I reached the phone I had come to my senses and called 911. Good thing, since he was suffering a pretty significant gi bleed.

    But my point is, even an adult can benefit from the reminder to call 911 in an emergency. Once again, you're doing a lot of good, Jeanne.

  3. Thanks for sharing the instructions.. I think children nowadays should be taught on handling emergency. Just in case we need their help when adult is not around.
    I don't have much projects with Red. The nearest is Pink.
    It's a DIY dress I make and I still wear it.. :)

  4. Tweeted -

  5. I'd love to win this, it's so cute
    I recently finished a winter table runner

  6. My quilt club made table runners in January. Mine was a red one.


  8. I tweeted:!/wordygirl11/status/168584255272796161

  9. Here is a Valentines Day placemat that I made last year.
    Thanks for the post and the giveaway.

  10. I tweeted.!/MoeWest/status/169170175755694080


    This is my favourite red fabric of all time - Love Fresh Flowers.

    Posted about it on Facebook

    Thanks Jeanne for such a wonderful giveaway!

    C:\Users\jldouglas\Documents\D Linda's Misc\Quilts 08-09\GOOD DEEDS

    GOOD DEEDS is such a cute wall hanging with cross-stitch and a little quilting!

    Like you on FB !
    Happy to follow you on Bloglovin' !
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. HELLO! Are those cute fabrics or what! Just adorable! This link goes to "Good Deeds" a cute little wall hanging of cross stitch and quilting!
    Love your Blog+follow you on Bloglovin'!
    Like you on FB too!
    Thanks for sharing a sweet giveaway!

    *the comment above is mine to be deleted-could not make that link work?

  14. I'll email you a picture of a set of valentine's table runner and mats i made last year


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