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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2012 Fork and Talk Blogger Meetup In My Bed

Fork and Talk held in Little Rock, Arkansas was my destination for last Saturday to attend "Fork and Talk Blogger Meetup 2012" by a winning invitation.  Sadly I did not get to make the beautiful drive through southern Missouri and into Arkansas and I was so sad to have to tell Melody and Scarlett that I would not be attending.  Little did I know that a joke I made about "well, we could always SKYPE me there" would turn into a ever so sweet hour of meeting new people and listening to all the interesting things the gals that attended are doing.   OMGoodness, there is a lot of talent out there. I am hoping to link up with them and get them on my friends list so I can visit their blogs, get to know them and hopefully we will all meet up for real next year.
A huge THANK YOU goes out to Anne, Scarlett and of Miss Suzanne for working so hard to get me on SKYPE and making it all happen so nicely.  I even worked the room looking things over and staring at people that had no idea I was :), all at the gracious hands of Miss Suzanne.  Scarlett and Suzanne made sure I heard as much of the chatter as possible.  It could only have been more fun if I had been there.
I did see the plates of food they gals were served, it all looked so delicious!  And I'm pretty sure I saw a bottle of wine on the tables.
The people from EK Success provided huge shopping bags full of SWAG for those that attended and I  got one too.  Anne, thank you for making that happen, you are an organizational genius for sure. I can't wait to fondle my goodies like you all were doing right in front of poor little ole sick me, LOL  .  I promise I am coming next year, get me on that list.
Tomorrow, I will be back here to answer your questions about:
1.   What is Fork and Talk
2.   Who is Fork and Talk
3.   Why do people want to go to Fork and Talk
4.   Who makes Fork and Talk possible
Thursday I will tell you about the sponsors/hosts of this event.  If my Swag Bag makes it in, I will share that with you. And I am sure there will be more to talk about.
Friday I will be talking about some of the great people there and what they did for fun while at Fork and Talk.  You might ponder in the meantime about if or ifn't anyone ended up in jail!  LOL
Saturday  I will have a few things to add in closing about Fork and Talk.  Share some pictures.  And more or less make you wish you were going next year.  I may even be able to tell you about that too!
So once again, it was very nice to meet everyone that was there. You all were so welcoming.  A special thanks to Anne, Scarlett and Suzanne for making it all possible for me to be there, these are some of the sweetest ladies you will ever have a chance to meet.
So my quilty friends, my crafty friends and just my buds and pals.  See you tomorrow!!!


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  1. I'm sorry you were sick and unable to attend, but it was great having you there with us through Skype! Hoping I get the chance to meet you in real life at the next Fork and Talk!


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