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Friday, April 6, 2012

Always Into Something Fork and Talk

 Always Into Something

The first part of the title of this blog entry has been my "mantra" for maybe way too long, I'm not sure just how long, I just know that I never wear my watch, never look at the calendar, never know what day of the week it is much the day of the month.  Time to regroup and get back into a better groove.  But.......yeah I know, I always have a "but" to put in.  I think this is a good "but" and I am excited about being into "this something"!

Fork and Talk

The second part of the blog title is what the blog is really all about.......
A few weeks back I was cruising around on Craft Gossip and read about this really neat thing they did last year in Little Rock, Arkansas and I was very curious.  (that means I went snooping around) and I saw that they were giving away the chance to attend a really neat thing like they had in Little Rock last year.  Okay, what's the catch is always my thing, so I was very curious (required more snooping around) and I decided it was worth the time to enter and see if they would pick me to attend.  I wasn't real sure they would since they were calling out for blogger from Little Rock and/or Arkansas and/or at the very least within the area,  and we all know I don't live in Little Rock and for sure not even in Arkansas and for certain not in the area.  LOL  I live 333 miles from Little Rock which simply means  "ROAD TRIP"!!  Wish I could take you with me. I am truly thankful that I have a GPS cause I can't find my way out of a paper bag much less drive off to a big city by myself!!  Steve just looked at me and said "You're going to Little Rock?"  Well "Duh Darlin"  I told you two weeks ago and you said you might go with me  Proof that he never listens, just answer "uh-huh" "yes dear" and "okay" to appease me.  Oh the Mr.Gwin will learn some day   LOL

So here I am thinking about this, what I will be doing and what I will have to do and it hit me, What the hell  What have I gotten myself into this time?  So (again with the snooping)!  Hey, I have to be smart when I get there.  Oh and I have to have some new clothes and a new purse, mine sucks, and do I have enough time to maybe get my hair cut and colored, and and and  the list goes on. Back on track here.  This is going to be so much fun.  Here is a link that you can visit to see part of what I am going to be experiencing.  Fork and Talk  Then you will know as much as I do.  Of course if you want to see pics of last years gathering go here  Fork and Talk 2011    And when I come home, I will be blogging about all the great things I did and learned, sharing with you is the most important part of all this, well and absorbing lots of information and maybe having a little fun.

It looks like I will be going on my journey April 20th and returning home on April 22nd.  Hope Mr. Gwin doesn't  miss me too much.      

Duh, "yes dear, I am going to Little Rock!!"


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