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Friday, April 13, 2012

What? When? Where? Why? Not Neccesarily In That Order!!

Taking note of that post title, questions and lack of orderliness. 

Could this be another whining and complaining, "I don't feel good" post!!  Spare us all from that.  And I will because, my tests are complete, my transfusions have transfused, my IV's have been de-IV'd and  I am not going to worry about one bit of this. I am feeling pretty ornery today. 

This is a taste of getting to know me and what I am really like.  I may be old enough to be some or you's MoM and some of you's Grandma.  I hope you take the time to read my blogs over the next few weeks, because I am going to bring out some of the better parts of me and some of the not so better parts of me, but I promise, I will try to be entertaining.  Some parts of my blog may be a bit "naughty" so watch those young readers peering over your shoulder and if you are opposed to honest to goodness words and the occasional cussin', well you better just move on along cause it will all be happening right here for awhile.

 Alouette Gentille Alouette
Damn You Target
I Awaken With It In My Head
Finally I Go to Sleep With It Still In My Head

A song I have sang since I was a child. Imagine my surprise when "Target" came out with their colorful singing, dancing and gymnasti-cating commercial.  I know you watch it, I know you have a favorite part, I know you sing the song.  I love when they unload out of the balloon basket with their colorful clothes flipping and flapping with all their movements.  Of course, I sing with them, just as I know you do. LOL  It is a happy, make you smile song.  Although it does not make me want to go shopping at Target.  Rather, it makes me want to be in the balloon basket, in the colorful clothes, and singing, dancing, gymnasti-cating  and changing things with those fun people.

WHERE did this song originate?  According to Wikipedia, it is a French-Canadian children's nursery song which originated in France. 

WHEN did this song originate?   As quoted from Wikipedia, The song was first published in A Pocket Song Book for the Use of Students and Graduates of McGill College (Montreal, 1879). However, Canadian folklorist Marius Barbeau was of the opinion that the song's ultimate origin was France.[1]

WHY   this song?  There are many stories but I guess the best is that the lyrics are used to teach French to Canadian and English speaking children.  That is how I became acquainted with it. Oui?

WHAT do those words really mean?  Alouette means "Lark"  a french morning bird. Gentille means "Lovely or Nice"  Someone is trying to pluck feathers off the poor Lark....the neck  "Cou"  then the back "Dos" and the head "Tete"Watch out you damn Lark. That is what you get for waking everyone up every morning so damn
Phew, I'll bet you are glad to know you haven't been saying naughty French words when you sing the song!  While in primary school, we were taught body parts by singing this song and back in the day (when we were allowed to touch one another) we would run around  dance around and touch our classmates on the neck, back, head and occasionally a sneaky touch somewhere we weren't supposed to. (snicker)  Not because it was "sexual harassment"  but because we were taught that it "wasn't nice".  Okay, so who ever said I was a "nice kid"?  Not me, not ever.  I was a "hellion" "troubled" "trouble making"  "sneaky touching" child.  Weren't we all?  I got my first kiss in the 3rd grade from my school sweetheart from the first day I started school until the last day of my education, while we were learning French, he was French kissing me.  Well we hooked up in July of 1967, got drunk and laughed about how horny we had always been for each other and now that we were old enough to  "do the dirty",  "scratch that itch",  oh hell, "have sex"  we just weren't there any longer.  I don't know whether to be sad or happy about that outcome, even after all these years. 

 Click Me Click Me Click Me

I am a commercial sucker, I love them and get mad at my "remote hoggin" "channel flipping" "loud talking"  Mr. Curve, arrrrgh, will he never learn?   Possibly I should not say or think bad things about him, as he can be quite charming and sensitive to my needs.  After all, he IS THE ONE who takes the time to record all the crazy commercials that I ask him too.

It all started way back in the day when a cute little toddler said those infamous words:

And then there was this one in the late 80's

 or this one, I promise it is the last one for today but before I post the link you have to know that my youngest son's last name is M__________  and when he was born I wanted to name him O________.  Seriously, I thought that would be so darn cute.  Oh no, come hell or high water, I was not going to name that baby O_________.  His father, my family, the father's family, the doctor, the nurses, the administrator of the hospital.  So the poor kid grew up with  plain old name  "Kevin".  Tried out for the commercial several times, got close a few of those times, but never made it to the stage.  So what did he end up being nicknamed by his peers?   Are you ready?   They called him "Frog", they still call him "Frog"    Really?  I mean Really?   Frog my ass.

that's all I have for now!

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