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Saturday, May 19, 2012

I Am Participating in Giveaway Day May 21st-May 25th

This will be so much fun, there are always at least 100 people giving things away.  So for now, pass the word, share the button, link to my blog, get me some people over here to enter my giveaway.  Yes, I'm talking to you!  And remember if you haven't been to my blog for awhile, you need to rejoin as a few months back I lost my button and all my friends.  Yes, yes it was terribly traumatic for me and still is.  Over 300 friends and now I have less then 100 I believe it is. 
Now, I know that you regular readers are dying to know about Market.  For now all I am saying is that it is a wonderful place to go, so many people to see, so much beauty to soak up.  I made it half way through yesterday, stayed home today to rest and am heading back in the morning to finish it up and then go to the KC Star Pavilion to see their KC Star Quilt display of over 150 quilts.  If I can take pictures I will.  I failed miserably yesterday taking pictures but heck I was too busy gawking and tawking  LOL.  It was amazing and fun.  I did meet some great folks, shared a bunch of hugs, and bought some pretty nice things.  I wish I had $1000 to spend, it would not be hard!  I had Ellen Medlock in stitches when I simply said if I didn't get my way with Steve, I just "put on a pout", isn't that something that everyone says?  Oh well, I have all my life "put on a pout" when I wanted things.
So for now that is all I have. I am going to go let Mr. choose some winners from the Mother's Day giveaway and will post the names later this evening.  Good luck kiddos, some of you were drawn earlier so you already know.  I am going to try to attach a picture of what you have won when I post the winners.  


  1. Dear Jeanne,
    Don't you know the quilters motto??
    I don't ask permission, I ask for forgiveness!!!
    Repeat and live by this rule and you will be broke but surrounded by beautiful fabrics!!

  2. I can only imagine there was much to see at Market. I'm glad you are taking care of yourself and not over doing it though. Looking forward to hearing what all you saw and did. Hey, I'm with Mhairi, I have to remember to not ask for permission, but for forgiveness. hehe.

    I'm hoping the giveaways this next week bring lots of traffic to your site. I tweeted this post and also posted to my FB.


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