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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mother's Day Giveaway-A-Day Starts Tomorrow

Mother's Day May 13, 2012
Come on in and spend the week with me celebrating
Mother's Day
with a
 "Giveaway-A-Day" starting May 7th and ending May 13th at 8:00 pm CST

I believe in all humans, there beats a heart that longs to nurture, be it female or male. Just because the female nurtures the fetus 9 months inside her body, the male is experiencing his own kind of nurturing. Not only does the female prepare for nesting, the male helps build that nest in so many ways, so he too experiences the nesting tendencies.  Don't underestimate the male, they too have strong tendencies to be a "Mother". I know several guys who have stayed home and been "Mr. Mom" and did a fantastic job in that roll they had chosen while  "Mom" goes to work each day.  My two sons, Chuck and Kevin were amazing with their children, although they did not do the "Mr. Mom things, they were heavily involved with their child from the b,e ginning and I have always been so proud of them for that. 
I proclaim that the daily giveaways appearing on my blog each day this week to be open to ALL the Mother's, the expectant Mother's and those who dream dreams of being a Mother, as well as all the
Grandmother's.  Open to all the guys that are Father's, expectant Father's, and those with dreams of
being a Father in the future, as well as all the Grandfather's.
Come back tomorrow and see how to enter.  See you then. 



  1. I love the comment male nesting. I have for a long long time wanted home made quilts in my family. It took the loss of a pregnancy (we had a miscarage before Julia) and the pregnancy of my newest baby Julia to get me to quilt. I am a man and kept saying men don't quilt. While I quilt and I am proud of it. And I share something with all mothers this year as May 13 is my Birthday. I look forward to reading and seeing what your giveaway consists of.

    Richard Healey

  2. What a lovely, inclusive post, Jeanne. You have such a good heart.

  3. Thank you Richard and Beth. I thought it was a good post, one I put a lot of thought in. Mom has been gone 12 years this year and I still miss he so much. I have been lacking lately in my duty as a blogger.

  4. What lovely words Jeanne! So true that Dads can do just as an amazing job as Moms with raising and nuturing children. My husband and I worked different shifts for years so we could take care of our kids. There was even a point where my DH was "Mr. Mom" for a few months. That's what it is all about, doing what needs to be done for your children. Thanks again Jeanne for recognizing that "Moms" are in ALL of us.


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