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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Giveaway Week

I so enjoy doing giveaways and would love to continue to do them, but...., the response was so poor this time that I in all honesty feel bad for my sponsors.  They give to me to give to you in return for me advertising for them.   Tomorrow I will close the current giveaway down and it will be awhile before I attempt another.  I have to figure out what I need to do, not do, or add to, to get people interested.  I have tried the simple way, leave a comment, that's all, I have tried the hard way with all kinds of hoops, and I have tried the middle of the road with a bit of this and that.  Nothing is working.  I would gladly accept any insight, ideas, criticism, knowledge, etc.., it it will lead me to an answer to this conundrum I am having. So be honest, be fair, share and help, I really really love my sponsors and do not want to lose them.
Be back tomorrow with the winners from the past 3 days.  Good night all.



  1. I didn't realize the giveaways until too late. I did enter one. I would suggest pictures in the post of the giveaway item or the item in the post title. I honestly would have entered more had I caught them in time :)

  2. I really just want to leave a message saying thank you for all you do, Jeanne. You make the big wide world of the internet feel like a closer, warmer place. When I think about the things I did last year, making a baby blanket for a tornado-stricken area is one that makes me very happy, and that was because of you.

    xxx Beth

  3. I too missed your first few giveaways. I did put in on the one for today. I know when I do giveaways on my blog I open them and give 7 days for all to enter then do my drawing. I have only a few followers and it may take a few days for me to get a good amount of people to enter.

    I know on my personal blog reading I am way behind. Reader tells me I have more the 1000 posts to read (I am sure its more like 2,000) this last month with my new baby has killed all the free time I have.

    So to the question more time for the giveaway and a picture of description of what your giving. 2 weeks ago I gave away some bows. Almost no one entered. Today I have up for grabs fat quarters and already more then 20 have entered to win. Any way I love winning and will try not to be a slacker the rest of the week if your still giving and will enter faster :) as I mist the first ones too. Ok ramble is over its bed time. YEA CWQA starts in the morning!

  4. I know that I have found giveaways by having them mentioned on other blogs. I am not sure how you go about doing this but it might help. Also, as everyone else has said a photo might help. Although I think it is like Richard says, so many blogs and so easy to miss a post. Some blogs hold a regular giveaway on a particular date each month or season. I hope that your sponsors don't blame you for the lack of interest, I think it is probably due to life getting busy and there being so many blogs now. I personally follow more than 100 - this is a lot of reading each week and it is easy to miss one.

  5. Sorry I missed the giveaways. I read lots of blogs and if they don't pop out at me I forget to do them. I rarely comment on blogs due to time and word verification problems too.

  6. I love your blog, the giveaways are just icing on the cake. I check my reader every day for new posts, and I do know that sometimes I have so many that it does take a day or two to go through them all.
    Lately, it seems that most of the giveaways I enter use Rafflecopter, and though it does have some glitches, seems to work for most of them.
    I have noticed that a lot of giveaways centered around certain holidays have less interest, mostly because everyone is busy doing other things.
    But again, I'd read your blog whether you do giveaways or not.


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