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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It Started As A Dream

A dream that was not fulfilled by Mr. Meece as he died too young to live his dream. But he did live long enough to plant the seed of that dream in his son Chuck, who only realized the importance of it at the passing of his father.

Open the door and welcome my newest Sponsor, Goose Creek Candles Inc. 

Chuck Meece is living the life his father only dreamed of and is now passing that spirit on to his own children. From his bustling facility situated atop one of Kentucky’s many flat-topped ridges, Chuck  and his staff manufacture, market and sell thousands of Goose Creek Candles weekly---shipping to customers around the nation and the world. Chuck was not new to the world of "vending", he began working independent of the corporate jungle right after graduating high school by operating his own vending business.  After years of exploration into ways to further develop his vending business it was in the late 90's that he quietly stepped into the "candle craze" and has never looked back. Chuck began producing candles from his home. But he didn’t do it alone, his wife Tamara (who by the way was his high school sweetheart) knew Chuck’s desire to work for himself and has been right by his side helping him achieve his dreams of being a small business owner, Tamara had dreams too. And then there are the children of this fine couple.  I'll tell you what, here is a link for you to go read more about this amazing family and their success. I know you will enjoy this heartwarming story as much as I did. Goose Creek Candles/About Us

Goose Creek Candle began operations in 1997 as a sole proprietorship. At that time the focus was solely on hand poured scented candles. The company slowly developed a national marketing representative network, which now covers all the states within the continental U.S., and dozens of other countries across Europe. Today, hundreds of Goose Creek sales reps travel around the country marketing and selling Goose Creek candles. Goose Creek products can be found in thousands of retailers across the U.S. and dozens of countries across Europe.

Now if that isn't a fairy tale come true, I don't know what it is.  Independence can be achieved with a loving family and hard work and diligence.  And a dream!! Chuck and Tamara have proved that and their son's are now proving it in their own right.

The next time we visit about Goose Creek Candles, we will introduce some of the staff and their roles in the business. I have the feeling that they are as involved as the family members are, what do you think?

Goose Creek Candles sent me this wonderful jar candle in one of their newest scents, Maple Toddy. I love candles, I love the smells that permeate my home.  But....I have never had a candle that could pass aroma through this house.  We have 23 foot cathedral ceilings in our great room with two open loft rooms and a full finished basement, making our home nearly 4000 square feet large (I mean LARGE people.).  I have finally found that candle and the manufacturer and I am thrilled. I  burned the candle for the first time yesterday, in my studio of course, and I awakened this morning smelling that wonderful maple aroma and the candle had been snuffed for hours and hours.   That aroma had to go completely through the basement, up the stairs, through the entire house and finally reached my bedroom.  And my door was closed and I could still smell it.  OMGosh, it is wonderful.

Now I have a theory about candles, music and sewing.  When you go to your sewing studio, it is nice to smell the fabric, the books, the dust and litter, but it is even nicer to smell a great smelling aroma such as this Maple Toddy candle.  So you have this wonderful aroma, a good cuppa whatever, music playing softly in the background or rockin' the rafters (that is the way I play it) and I find that with that combination I am a sewing maniac. I can sew for hours and be so comfortable and relaxed.  I truly think that the biggest thing that could happen would be to have a candle line developed for sewists.  What do you think?  If you could choose an aroma for a candle what would it be?  Goose Creek Candles offer Jar Candles, Pillar Candles, Holiday Decor Candles, Candle Warmers and even Auto Cards, there is simply so much I can't tell you about it all in one post. I will be talking more about these wonderful people here on the blog. . I am definitely ordering some of these as Stocking Stuffers for Christmas. I can't tell you how many scents they have but you can find out by following all the links I have left on this page.

Goose Creek Candles is offering a fine giveaway to one lucky entrant in this giveaway.  You will have the chance to win a 16 oz. American-Heirloom-Scented-Jar Candle  (this link will take you right where you need to be.)  in your choice of aroma's. That is a $20 candle they are giving one of you. Why not start shopping now because Goose Creek Candles is not only giving away a candle, they are also offering 25% off of all my followers orders through October 31, 2012.  25% off means you only have to pay 3/4 of the original price. I love 25% off offers, don't you.  I am putting my order in for sure.  I hope you do too! Hello Christmas List, goodbye shopping at the mall! Followers, I really wish I could let you have a smell of my house.  It smells so darn good and the candle is not burning. and is covered, but I can still smell it.

Thank you Goose Creek Candles for becoming my newest sponsor.  I believe we will get along just fine.

The giveaway starts now and will close at midnight on October 31, 2012. I am going to give Rafflecopter a chance to prove themselves to me with this giveaway.  I like them as you don't have to leave, come back, check back, blah, blah, blah.  It is all pretty easy to do.  So cross your fingers and we'll give it a shot.  Here goes.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

American Heirloom Candles
Jar Candles

Pumpkin Jar Candles
Centerpiece Candles

Living Life Candles
                                      Halloween Candles
Christmas Folk Art Candles


  1. They sound like great candles... I am not too much on a maple smell... I am a berry kind of gal.. So if I won, I would choose blueberry or cinnamon apple pie. :)

  2. Did it all....I am a big fan of Goose Creek Candles. I just love candles, especially in the winter. I think my favorite is Cinnamon Apple (actually any winter scents) Thank you for sharing and letting me know. Hope I am lucky!

  3. I love their pumpkin jar candles -- adorable!

  4. I have never heard of them...heading that way right now!! I love things that make my house smell yummy!!!

  5. I had never heard of them either but I love candles and they sound wonderful!

  6. Love candles! I've never heard of these but they sound wonderful. Thank you for the chance to win :)

  7. I love candles and those look yummiest!!

  8. Thanks for the heads up -- I adore candles!!! :)


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