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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sew Shabby Designs

Remember when you first started blogging and you thought no one would ever find you or follow you?  I do and it was hard, hard to keep on keeping and hard to not make a fool of myself.  I was embarrased to post pictures of what I made, I hated to talk about myself but I wanted to blog and I stuck with it.

I'm sure you remember those days and would be willing to help a new kid out by giving her encouragement.  I have never met this young lady but I had a post on my facebook and I had to dive right in.

First off, look at what she made with scraps....Then show her some blog love and join her site, we can give her the start we all wished for. 

Now meet Tracey Gonzales
Blog: Sew Shabby Designs


  1. I went over there and became a follower. Thanks for pointing me in her direction. Nice things, nice things, nice things!

  2. Thanks for the introduction. I visited and joined. She had a post with a great suggestion for an app that allows downloads of e-books from local libraries. Anyone living in the country might want to check that out. I appreciate the heads up from Sew Shabby.

  3. Thanks soooooo much Jeanne for the exposure.


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