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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Labor Day.......What, Why and When

The first Monday in September is Labor Day, it comes around once a year without fail.  Sounds like this is a day we are supposed to "labor all day" but that is not true. 

Definition of Labor Day
  Federal holiday observed in the United States and Canada on the first Monday in September. The holiday was created in 1882 to give working individuals a guaranteed day off. Despite the holiday being established for a day of rest, most retailers still operate as normal and offer in-store and on-line specials. Parades, cookouts, and shopping are a common occurrence on this holiday. 

Not to say you can't do a job you love on labor day, in fact my Steve used to try to work on labor day as he was paid triple time and as a Union Plumber he made great money on that day of the year, but more often then not he didn't get to.  As a nurse, I was lucky to be able to get off because I chose the summer holidays to be off and worked the winter holidays so the young mothers could have them off with their small children.  When we were young we were always at the lake with a boatload of friends for a 4 day weekend of some huge fun, boating, skiing, tubing, fishing, volleyball, croquet, and all kinds of just plain silliness.  Then there were the huge meals we always had, can you imagine how big a skillet we had to make sausage gravy for 30-40 people?  It is huge...........20+ inches in big that it took a big strong man to lift it off the camp stove to the table. But wait we didn't have just one, oh no we had 3 of those babies, one for the gravy, one for the eggs and one for the fried potatoes.  We now only have one and rarely use it unless it is a family get together or a reunion with all those "laking buddies", Leonard and Judy, Curt and Kathy,  Dennis and Maureen, Terry and Julie, Rodney and Missy, Randy and Sherry, Steve and Tracy and all their kids (only those above 4 years old, otherwise we all agreed younger then that was not safe at the lake.  And then there were the "day drop ins" and they added to the fun. 

Do you have a favorite memory of Labor Day you would like to share with us?  Comment below.

Enjoy your 2013 Labor Day, be safe and be happy.

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