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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Phil~~~You Let Me Down

Phil~How could you?  6 more weeks of winter?  Really, REALLY!!!   Damn

It is winter here in Warrensburg, The deep freeze is on.

Superbowl Sunday, gotta love it.  Who is going to watch all the "Bowl" games today?  I understand there is a Puppy Bowl, A Kitten Bowl and a Fish Bowl.  What next I ask you?

To celebrate the groundhog and Groundhog Day, this is for you to enjoy.  Happy Groundhog Day to all my Facebook BFF's!!


  1. Hi , see you on facebook a lot , are you in Pa? I am in Georgia

  2. Well, Phil might have let you down, but my Hawks certainly soared today!!! We even got more snow!!! Sorry about more winter for you...send it west cuz here in Washington we would love it!!!

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