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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Save The Red White and Blue's

I found this recipe and wanted to share it with you.  I just bought a box of color catchers and thought, why can't I make these myself?  So I found the recipe and let me tell you, my homemade works as good or better then the store bought. 

First off you need some Soda Ash.  This can be made by pouring plain ole everyday Baking Soda on a cookie sheet and baking for one hour in a 200 degree oven.  You will end up with a pile of ash, which is now referred to as Soda Ash or Washing Powder.  Pour into an air tight container for storage.

  Put 1 (one) tablespoon of the washing soda in 1 (one) cup of boiling water and let dissolve.  While that is going on gather up a one yard or so of white junk fabric, backs off of old t-shirts, flannel or old toweling. Cut into the size pieces you think you would like.  Soak the pieces in the dissolved washing soda until saturated, (do not squeeze out), hang to dry.

 When you are ready to wash those reds and whites, or dark and light clothes, or anything such as that, grab a piece, throw it in your wash and watch the magic.  When done throw away the piece of cloth, it has done its job and is no longer good for anything that I can think of. 

There you have it!  Now wash away. 



  1. Thanks for sharing this. I will give it a go.

  2. Awesome....thanks so much for letting us know the recipe.

  3. I need to do this! I buy washing soda all the time for making laundry soap.

    1. I have decided it is much cheaper to make the washing soda then buying it. I mean what does a box of baking soda cost, < then $1.00 and it makes a lot of ash.

  4. Excellent information....thanks a lot!


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