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Monday, April 14, 2014

I've Been Busy Busy Busy

First off I just want to say that Friday was Mr. Gwin's and my 30th anniversary.  After a warm kiss a hug and some joking around we wished one another a happy anniversary and hoped we would have 30 more years together.  Other then going out to dinner it was just like any other day. 
Recently I saw both my doctors and got a clean bill of health (for me that means I'm doing pretty darn good) and to carry on with the exception of a couple of medication changes.  And orders to start using my "Trilogy" which is a fancy, smancy CPAP like machine but not a CPAP.  I know that is confusing.  It works on the same basis and theory but a CPAP won't work for me as I do not have sleep apnea, I have a tendency to breath to shallow while sleeping and my oxygen levels drop dangerously low.  I'm sure by now you have figured out I hadn't been using it at night.  The company came and fit me with a new delivery system, instead of a mask, I now have a nose plug type thing which I call my pig snout. seems to be doing the trick, I am getting more rest and can tell because I feel like doing things again instead of sleeping all day.  So what does that mean?  Well here goes.....
In the past week I have :
Completed 2 doll quilts
Made 3 sets of quilt blocks for queen size quilts
Taught Marilyn how to make a Kaleidoscope quilt block and she made enough blocks for a queen size top in 5 hours, amazing!
Worked on trimming up my "Ugly Spring" Quilt Blocks.
Folded some fabric that I had dragged out and never put back and got it stacked with some new fabric that needs to be put away as well.
Made some cupcake potholders today
Started cleaning around my flower beds yesterday.
Took the time to really look at and enjoy my daffodils and miniature irises that are blooming.  Walked in the orchard to smell the sweet blooming plum and cherry trees.  Noted that my flowering crab-apple tree is nearly ready to bloom
And in general have had a lot of fun doing it all.
In between it was snuggle time with Maverick, go to farm and check out Marilyn's new calves and her new bull, Mr. Classic
Oh yes, I forgot, we went to visit Steve's mom twice this past week.
I feel good

What have you been doing?


  1. Now I've been the one missing in action... And it's nice to see you back! You know what I've been up to - thanks for stopping by... I sure hope that pig nose machine gets you more and more energy because we need you to be the life of the party! Glad you have some daffodils - ours aren't out yet and it was 21 degrees this morning down from 85 on Monday... Is that crazy? What will tomorrow bring?... Take care Jeanne...

  2. You won the rooster & hens at Ravelly


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