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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rear Ends and Physical Therapy

   Sounds kind of silly but it isn't, not one bit.  Most of you probably know that on July 14th, just a mere 18 miles from home, we were rear-ended by a great big ole pickup truck.  Lots of damage to our car. Steve hit side window and had a nice goose-egg for a couple of days.  Connor was in back seat behind me and wasn't hurt at all (Thank God).  I was in the passenger side and got myself one nice whiplash out of the deal.  Did I say whiplash?  That is not correct.  I have a pinched nerve in my neck and a probable torn rotator cuff on the right side.  Not the news I wanted to hear. 
   I started Physical Therapy this morning and this is the conclusion that was reached.  I will go 3 times next week and if there is no improvement to the shoulder, Joe (therapist) is going to see about having Dr. order and MRI of the shoulder.  Again, not the news I wanted to hear.
   With that behind me for the day, it has been busy around here and I am so grateful for Marilyn.  If not for her, my canning would not have gotten done this summer.  She came out and finished canning my tomatoes for me since my shoulder isn't letting me do a lot except whine when I use it wrong. Thanks Ms. Marilyn, I owe you big time!!
   We went down to the cemetery where my dad and mom are resting and visited on Tuesday. Then just took the back roads home and enjoyed the ride.  It was good to talk to them a little bit while there, they are good to listen to me.  I miss them so much and it has been 20 years for mom and 18 years for dad.
     The tiny house build is getting closer and closer.  We are both getting anxious to get the house on the market and move down to the lake. It will be so nice to be near the water and go fishing whenever we want to.  I have one more closet to clean out and then most everything in the house has had a good going through and cleaning out.  I'm sure we will do this several times before the move.  Just getting the kids and grandkids to take their things home is an issue.  You'd think they don't want us to move! LOL
   I haven't sewed a stitch for over 3 weeks and am hoping that I can get to my sewing  room tomorrow and see if I can manage to sew a bit without too much pain.  Might not work out to well but am going to try anyway.  I miss sewing. 

What have you been doing?


  1. So sorry to hear about the accident and your injuries. I hope that PT is all that you will need for a smooth recovery.

  2. Feel better soon! That is terrible.


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