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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

We had such a great time this Labor Day weekend.  We left Thursday after my Dr. appt. and took off for our lake property.  It was good to finally get back down there.  Everything was fine and it didn't take long for the 5th wheel to cool down.  Everything was unloaded and we kicked back and relaxed until dinner time. There isn't anything that tastes better then hamburgers and hot dogs cooked over an open fire.

We got up early Friday and drove to Mountainsburg, way down in Arkansas, to pick up a honey spinner, a wire sieve to clean the honey and a tool to de-cap the honeycomb so it can be spun.  The people lived down a long timber lined lane and had the cutest little house nestled in the woods.  Very nice people and I'm sure we will see them again.  Stopped at Golden Corral on the way home to stuff up on buffet, it was so good. 

Saturday we just goofed off most of the day and then went to visit some friends at their cabin on Cedar Creek.  Cold beer, Butterscotch Schnapps and snacks, doesn't get any better.  We laughed so hard my tummy hurt on Sunday. 

Sunday we were all really lazy after breakfast and just lounged around and enjoyed being without work to do. We went for a ride on the back roads and saw a mama deer with 3 spotted fawns, so pretty and peaceful looking.  Ended up by finding a great BBQ place and ate our fill.

Monday we got up early and started packing up to come home.  Didn't take long and the van was loaded well before noon so we sat around and visited before heading out. We hit a huge traffic snarl about 20 miles from home that cost us an hour or so of time to get through.  Finally home sweet home and we were ready.  Unloaded, everything put away, first load off laundry in washer and in recliner with feet up and watched the news until bedtime.

Tuesday I sewed a bit for the first time since the accident and it went pretty good.  Quit after about 45 minutes of cutting and sewing and figured since I was starting to hurt in my right shoulder I'd better call it off until Wednesday and do some then.

Today (Wednesday) we are going to be pressing pears for pear brandy and spinning our honey.  Seems kind of late in the day to start but we are still tired from all the fun at the lake.  I am going to go sew for a while until we are ready to get to work.

What did you do over the weekend?


  1. I am glad to hear you were able to find some sewing time and that it went well. I hope your recovery continues smoothly.

  2. So glad you could finally start sewing again!! Sounds like you had the perfect holiday weekend!! Enjoy the spinning and pressing today. Hubs had to work Saturday (it is harvest time here) so we just stayed home and lounged around for the rest of the weekend.

  3. What a great post and a wonderful, fun time. I live in Arkansas, but farther down in Hot Springs. It's a good place to camp too. Are you in Missouri? blessings, marlene


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