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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Warming Up Wednesday

It is supposed to be warmer today here in Central Missouri, I can only hope so.  I am so ready for Spring, the robins are in the yard and all indications are that 'spring housecleaning' should start here.  Wonder if Steve would allow a housekeeper for a day or two?  It sure would help.  Looking out my window this morning doesn't show any interesting sights, except the robins.
Still working on binding the quilt for our older gentleman down the road. Soon it will be too warm to sleep with it but I say, "Turn up the AC so you can use the quilt". Today is a quick straighten up of the house, then zooming down to the basement to lug up some of my favorite quilt books to purvey patterns.  AccuQuiltGo might just be here today, xxx (fingers crossed).
Maverick and I are tired today.  Right after we went to bed he got all growly/grumbly and his mo-hawk was on 'high alert'. I am not easily frightened but was a little edgy as I had never seen him act that way, so of course we had to get up and search the house to his satisfaction and then it was back to bed.  This happened 3 times and finally when he started the 4th time, I threatened him with adoption and he chose to go to sleep.  I just love the unconditional love a pet gives the owner.
Off to explore the kitchen for the first of the day clean-ups, yes I get to clean my kitchen 4 or more times a day.  I don't know how or why it happens but it is messed up all the time. Will check in later.

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