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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Totally Tuesday

Won't have much pc time today, grocery store, go see a friend for a few, clean the kitchen (seems like that is all I do) and then work on quilt to finish it.  Ready to start on something new.  Totally amped over getting the AccuQuiltGo.  Just ordered it last night so it will be  few days.  I got a really good deal on it, normally $399 and I paid $199 and got free shipping, now that is a great deal.  Saved nearly $200 !!!  I have already decided that there won't be enough money for all the dies I want, yeah, I want them all LOL.   Patience, need to learn to use it so I am not a bumbling fool when classes start.  Dreamed TeaCups and MudPies all night.  Stay tuned for more info as things develop.  Have a good day!

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