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Monday, March 7, 2011

Feeling a Wee Bit Better

I do believe I am feeling a bit better this evening then I have been.  Maybe things are healing.  Although, I know gripe gripe gripe all the time, but my neck really does hurt.  I have steel plates and it usually means a nasty weather change coming.  So, alright already, change and be done so my neck will quit hurting.  Things on the blog sites are rolling along quite nicely.  I think the Cupcake will be the first running as it is something I can sit back and let my partner do all the baking and making while I work on this site.  Have a PR letter up and ready to go out, if any of you can head me to the right directions to get my foot in the door for reviews, especially books, quilting, such as that, I would be very appreciative. 
In the short while that I have been on here, I have met some great folks and that makes it more comfortable for me.  I also am afraid I might be labeled the "winning hog" as I have won two of the giveaways, very nice giveaways I might say.  Thank you Jo and Mama. I also have been influenced into redoing my sewing room and I am getting excited about that.  Have some great ideas. 
Going to run out and spend some quality time with hubs and will be back at work tomorrow. 

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