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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Supermoon Saturday

Tonight the moon will be in perigee at approx. 19:09.  Some will get to see it some won't because of clouds. We may go to the observatory if it isn't raining.  For those that don't know what a "Supermoon" and/or perigee means I will give the simple explanation, and those that know better correct me if I am wrong.  The so-called "supermoon" that will take place tonight (March 19).  Tonight's full moon will nearly coincide with the moon's arrival at the perigee point in its orbit around the Earth, resulting in the closest and biggest full moon in our sky since March 1993. Perigee meaning that a satellite in an elliptical orbit is closest to the Earth. At its perigee, the satellite travels faster than at any other.  It is 14% larger and 30% brighter then a "normal" full moon if you will.
Taken from "Dr. Earl Sloan Library"    (1) Perigee Moon & Perigee Tides Day is today 19th - you can blame your tripping and falling down on being pulled against your will. This year also called "worm moon" by Great Lakes people since earthworms tend to begin surfacing from hibernation at sundown. The moon makes them easy to see.
Are you planning a "Supermoon" Perigee" Party tonight?  I'm not, although it is a very good excuse for me to open a bottle of my favorite wine and toast the moon and perigee.   

From Merriam-Webster Dictionary Site:  (2) The top 3 most looked up words in the last 24 hours are perigee, insidious and apogee.     

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