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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tornado Wednesday

It has been an incredibly wild day with storms rolling in and out. Just when we thought it was over and the sun was shining, we simply had to look to the southwest sky and know that Mother Nature was not done with us yet. If you want to see pictures they are on my facebook.  CNN had coverage going on our area, we were less then 40 miles from any tornado that touched down here in Missouri until they got past Sedalia.  If you look at my pictures and see the red truck, this was a guy from Louisburg, MO, the tornado picked him up in his pickup and spun him around and around and up and down and then dropped the truck on its side.  He is not injured PTL. 
I haven't gotten a thing accomplished today but do storm spotting.  Next year I am not doing this, I mean it, I probably won't do it, seriously I minght not do it next year, well we will see what next year brings. Hard to give up something you love doing.  Maybe we can graduate to more storm chasing soon. We both love doing that, but gosh it can be so scary. 
Have something in the works and will know more tomorrow.  It has something to do with giveaways and tornado victims.  Stay tuned.
Going to cut this short and we will check in tomorrow.
Ciao, Jeanne

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