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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer's Eve Pattern

Summer's Eve
Jeanne & Dana Nicole
AccuQuilt GO! Baby Tutorial
Accuquilt asked me to try out their AccuQuilt GO! Baby and tell them and you what I thought about it.  I can honestly say I am quite pleased with the end results.  My only problem was coming up with something that is totally unique for you people to see, something new to view.  
While pondering in my head and making my brain itch, along comes the weekend that our 15 yo granddaughter is here to visit with us.  So the story goes something like this. 

"Hey Roo?"
"Hey Gramma?"
"Do you want to go play with the new die cutter I got from AccuQuilt?"
"Hmmm, no"
"Aw c'mon Roo,  it is something we can do together and have fun"
"Oh Gramma, okay, siiiiigggggh"

Uhmmm, here is where I need to tell you that Roo is my nickname for our Dana Nicole.

We get to the sewing studio and Dana sees the box and what it is and can't wait! Now she is excited, is this my cue to give a big deep sigh? 

Dana picked out her fabric from my stash and got ready to crank the GO! Baby. 

About that time one of the Glory Bee's showed up and wanted to show us her new toy. LOL it was an Accuquilt GO! and a ton of dies. The excitement just grew from there. Sara worked on cutting out about 50 quilts (jk) and I just ran between her and Dana being ever so helpful and nosy. 

Dana cut Drunkard's Path pieces, flowers and birds with the dies I had and then borrowed the 1 1/2" Strip Die, the Circle Die and the Triangle Die from Sara.  

 Carefully laying the four layers of fabric so as not to waste too much.

Getting the mat on just right and holding it so it don't slip.

Feeding it into the GO! Baby to cut the die patterns while rolling through. 

And here it comes through the other end.

And we have 4 perfectly cut birds and very little scrap.

She played and changed this and that and finally came up with the sweet wall hanging below.  
 It was fun to watch her go from a Cocoa background

 to trying a dark blue frame around moon

 and finally deciding on the pale blue with the dark blue tone framing the piece.  

 I am very proud of Dana, she did a great job with the layout and design.  She will be over to do some of the stitching to finish it up in a couple of weeks. 

Summer's Eve Wall Hanging 

Size 23" x 23" 

3/4 yard light blue solid - background
FQ darker blue tones - framing
FQ  green tones - tree top, grass, flower stems and other
FQ  black - binding
1 yd dark blue tone - backing
Scraps of light pink - flowers, birds, etc.
Scraps of dark pink tones - flowers, birds, etc.
Scraps of darker pink tones - flowers, birds, etc.
Scraps of brown tones - tree trunk, branches, bird feet, etc.
Scraps of white on white - moon, etc.
Scraps of yellow - embellishing.

  1 - 23" X 23" piece of fabric for background - light blue.  (I know this is an odd size but that is what Dana cut. Cut yours to your desired size but remember you will have to adjust some of the numbers of pattern pieces.)
  1 - 26" X 26" piece of fabric for backing - dark blue tones
  1 - 26: X 26" piece of light weight batting
  1 - color coordinated to backing piece of fabric for hanging sleeve (tutorial below)
  4 - 1 1/2" Strips 25" long   For binding
  4 - Drunkard Path Corners   For corners of frame - dark blue tones
  4 - Drunkard Path 1/4 Circle  For moon - white on white
  4 -1 1/2" Strips 22" long   For frame sides - dark blue tones
  10 - Triangles - grass -green tones
  4 - Large Circles - tree top - green tones (bottom layer)
  8 - Medium Circles - tree fillers green tones (top layer)
  X- Scraps of brown tones - tree branches (optional)
  3 - Large Flowers  -mix of pinks  (bottom layer)
  6 - Medium Flowers - mix of pinks  (2nd layer)
12 -Small Circles - flower fillers green, pink and blue tones
  1 - Medium Circle - body of owl - light pink tones
  2 - Small Circles - owl eyes - dark pink tones
  3 - Birds #1 - Darker pink tone. Cut tails off of 2 birds for owl wings, scrap rest
  1 - Bird #2 - yellow tones
  1 - Bird #3 - light blue tones
  X - Scraps - bird wings
  X - Scraps - Random width and length strips for flower stems - green tones (Freehand cuts)
  X  - Scraps - Random leaves for flower stems - green tones  (used the ones from the flower GO! Baby die)
  1/2"  wide x desired length - strip for tree trunk and branches and trim for owl and worm   (I just freehand cut these) brown tones
  X - Scraps - Random dots of fabric for apples in the tree and owl eyes (from the GO! Baby flower die)
  Freezer Paper
  Glue Stick 


Directions for using freezer paper: 
With fabric wrong side up on ironing pad and using a hot dry iron (no steam please) press (do not iron) the freezer paper shiny side down onto the fabrics. I leave it laying on the ironing mat and let it cool for a good bit then I mark 1/4" outside of each shape for seam allowances. Cut out the pieces on the marked 1/4" line clipping inner curves as needed. Using your glue stick, run a strip of glue along the seam allowances on the wrong side and finger press the seam allowance to the back of the freezer paper. Then I lay something heavy (Mr. Webster helps me out a lot) on the pieces to be sure I got a good stick and leave to dry.

Arrange fabric shapes on your background fabric. When you are satisfied with design, pin pieces in place and applique by machine or hand, using whatever stitch you prefer. 
Dana will be doing a simple blanket stitch on the machine.
Hand quilt, machine quilt or tie tac, your choice.  

Attach binding using the method you prefer.  

Stitch a hanging sleeve on the upper back (tutorial link below). 

Please stitch a label to the back of the wall hanging with your name, date, etc... . It is very important that we record the providence of our work. 

Link To:  Tutorial for Hanging Sleeve

These directions were produced by Susan Brubaker Knapp. They are free,
and may be copied and distributed. E-MAIL:

I hope you enjoy what we have done. The pattern is for all to enjoy. 

Roo says "Gramma made me do this so if it was wrong she could blame me!" 

Gramma says "Not true!"

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  1. Great post, thanks for sharing! I just love the wall hanging Roo made. Enjoy your Go! baby.


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