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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Stocking Surprise Days 2 and 3

ONE LAST CHANCE. I am leaving Day 1, 2 and 3 open until 8pm tomorrow night (Nov.28th) because my email failed to go through.  I apologize and it will get better from here on out I promise.  This is the only time I will do this in this giveaway. 

Paula's "Gifts of Love" and "Prairie Point Junction" 

Paula, I am so pleased to have met you and talked with you,  thank you for sharing your bio with us.
And Thank You for being my sponsor.

About Paula's Gifts of Love
Hello, I'm a single mom who found her passion late in life. I was an executive chef for many years, and had to leave that position due to physical problems.

About:  These designs truly are Gifts Of Love. The designs are created from handcrafted fabric appliques which I create through an intricate process, which can only be described as                LOVE.

Company Overview:  Handcrafted Fabric Applique Designs. The designs you will find here are made through a passionate creative force which inspires me to create these timely intricate designs. It is a labor of love. I have a variety of fashion, jackets, blouses, hoodies, pocketbooks, hats, and scarves. These unique designs are created by a process of fusing fabric pieces together to create  stunning designs with a dimensional look and feel. Each and every design is a one of a kind and custom made. People seem to be amazed when they actually see the design in person. Sometimes photos just cannot capture the true essences of their beauty. I love creating these designs, there is always a feeling of peace and joy while I work on new designs. If you are interested in custom designs, please feel free to contact me at and together we can create something that is special to you for any occasion.  I have always loved designing and fabric and have worked in many areas of designing throughout my lifetime. At this particular point in my life I decided to put my creative energy into action and create my very own job for myself. A job that filled me with joy, and expressed my authentic self. After working with different ideas ,I came across this this unique process. I take cuts of fabric pieces from fabric yards, and fuse the pieces together to form a design on a background fabric, such as a blouse, or handbag, the pieces are then detailed and outlined with fabric paints, making all my designs completely washable! . The results of this process is stunning, there is a dimensional textured feel to all my creations. Each piece is a one of a kind custom design. Made for that special person who resonates with unique items. I look forward to hearing from you, ideas and comments are always welcome.
Handcrafted fabric applique kits. 
 Fabric applique fashions: jacket, blouses, shirts,  hoodies, pocketbooks, pillows, and much much more on its way.

Paula Gsell
I love absolutely everything Paula does, there are a few things on my list of giving gifts that I have spotted that I just have to get ordered.  I have just about burst from wanting to show you what I received in the mail the other day from sweet Paula.  Check this out!!  Isn't it absolutely stunning?
Yes, I do think it is so gorgeous, thank you!!  Why don't you run on over to Gifts of Love on Etsy and pick out something you would like Paula to put in The Christmas Stocking Surprise, come back and comment and please mention Gifts of Love so I know what shop you are talking about since there are two sponsors today.   (Today's (Nov. 28th) Mandatory entry)

Prairie Point Junction

Kids, this is one of my most favorite fabric shops and they also have the best wool and supplies. I don't even dare mention PPJ to dearhubz, he just shakes his head and asks if I really don't have what I need.  Hee Hee, foolish man, we will never ever have enough fabric and wools.  I just smile sweetly, bat my eyes and shake my head "NO".  
Prairie Point Junction not only carries fabulous fabrics with great prices and all the notions you might need, they are also home of Wool Felt Central    If you have never done any work with wool, this is the place to go to get every item you might need, including patterns and kits. 

I asked Julie Geiger some questions and here are her answers. 

What inspired you to open your fabric and wool shop?
Prairie Point Junction, home of Wool Felt Central, has been open for 13 years.  I've loved fabric all my life.  After a few years teaching in the public school system, I decided to take a leap and combine my passions for retailing, teaching and fabric to open a quilt shop.  We're proud to have been featured as a Top Ten Shop in American Patchwork and Quilting's Quilt Sampler magazine, Fall 2005.
What is your favorite area in your shop? 
One of my favorite areas of our shop is Wool Felt Central.  We carry 98 colors of wool blend felt plus an assorted of 100% wool textures.  I love how versitle wool felt is.  It can be used for so many things including ornaments, stockings, penny rugs, pillows, pincushions, faux foods, costumes, and so much more.  Wool felt is also a great portable project, so perfect for someone on the go.
What do you most want for Christmas this year? 
For Christmas I'd love to find an ipad under the tree.  If I'm not at the sewing machine, I'm usually attached to the computer, so an ipad would be great.  I've quickly become quite addicted to Pinterest, so this would make it easy to search for inspiration wherever I go.  (Hope Santa is listening!)
I asked Julie if they were having any sales during Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday and look what she responded with!  
Special Offer to Entrants Only:  We typically offer our best site-wide sale early in the fall instead of during the hustle and bustle of Christmas.  We'd be happy to offer a special discount code for your readers to take advantage of now.  Simply enter ********** to take $5.00 off a regular priced order of $25.00 or more from our website at through December 24th, 2011.
Wow, how about that ladies and gents, that is pretty doggone nice of them if you ask me.  You need to send me a private email to get the discount code.
I love to do hand work with wool and this is one of the items I have gotten from Prairie Point Junction.  

Enjoy making this set of Sugar Cookie Christmas ornaments, just in time for holiday decorating. Designed by our very own, Julie Geiger, these ornaments hold a special place in our hearts. Decorate a tree, use as package tags, or leave them on a plate to tempt holiday visitors.

PPJ403 Sugar Cookie Christmas
12 designs for 3" x 4" ornaments to decorate a tree or wreath. Display on a pretty plate, decorate a basket or goodie bag. The possibilities are endless. 

PPJ403K Sugar Cookie Christmas Kit  Includes the pattern by Prairie Point Junction and 1/2 yard Buttercream wool blend felt and 9" x 12" pieces each of: Barnyard Red, White, Old Gold, Grassy Meadows, Cinnamon, and Cloudy Day wool blend felt. Makes at least two each of twelve ornaments.
 (this is the one I got).  Hope to get it started this week.  
Wonder what you will get? Why not go on over to Prairie Point Junction and check them and Wool Central out, come back and comment here on what you found that you would like Prairie Point Junction to put in the Christmas Surprise Stocking?  Be sure to mention Prairie Point Junction in the comment.  (Today's (Nov. 28th) Mandatory entry)


Christmas Stocking Surprise Rules

To Be ELIGIBLE To Win  You Have To Have Completed The Mandatory Entry Each Day.  This is a very very nice giveaway and it just wouldn't be fair to give it to somone who entered one day and never came back.  So that is the only RULE you have to follow to win. All other entries are optional.
Today all you have to do is:  (Mandatory)
1.  Go to Paula's Gifts of Love and comment here on what you would like Paula to put in the stocking.
2.  Go to Prairie Point Junction and comment here on what you would like PPJ to put in the stocking.

Ext:ra Entries  These are optional entries. You do not have to do any or all of them.
2.  Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect (GFC)  The Learning Curve~Quilts and Such
(can only do this once)
3.  Follow me on Twitter  @jeannegwin  (can only do this once)
4.  Follow me on Facebook The Learning Curve~ Quilts and Such (can only do this once)
5.  Follow the sponsor/sponsor's  of the day on their blog/etsy/shop/etc..  Watch for link each morning.  (Can do this for each sponsor)
6.   Follow the sponsor/sponsor's of the day on Facebook and leave a comment on their page and here.  Watch for link each morning, if there is no link, they are not on facebook.  (Can do this for each sponsor)
7.  Follow the sponsor/sponsor's of the day on Twitter and leave a comment on their twitter and here.   Watch for link each morning, if there is no link they are not on twitter.  (Can do this for each sponsor)
8.   Tell me what you want the most for Christmas this year. (can only do this once)
9.   Show a picture of your newest made item. If you can't get the picture to post, send it to my email and I will post it for you. Uh-oh, nothing new?  The last thing you made is your newest, right?  (Can only do this once)
10.    Leave me a comment each day to let me know you are paying attention. Who knows I may slip in a gift that you only have a few hours to enter to instant win   :)  (Do this everyday if you want)

EXTRA ENTRY:  For every friend you send and they follow my blog and tell me in a separate comment that you sent them, I will give you each an extra entry.  

You have lots of opportunities to win.   Visit my blog every day, there may or may not be surprises.  Be sure you read what I write about each sponsor, without them there would be no gifts to put in the stocking.  Maybe just drop by their Facebook and say I sent you and thank them for their generosity.   My sponsors have gone above and beyond with what they have done.