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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Stocking Surprise Days 4 and 5

Well followers, this has been an eventful week. Monday I had to take my new computer back to Office Depot and exchange it out for a new one. The power cord had a short in it and it fried my computer.  That is now rectified. Yesterday my precious Brother finally had its last day of sewing and I brought out the Pfaff and it worked just fine. Only 1/2 day of needed time wasted trying to get it to sew a good stitch. Anyway, I have a new/old machine and it sounds great and makes a great stitch.

Today's sponsors are Amanda Murphy of Amanda Designs and Paula of Paula's Gifts of Love.

I am going to display some pics from Paula since we have done her highlight already and then I will do Amanda.
Paula makes the coolest bags and totes but she also works with other mediums such as blouses, hoodies and hats!  Yes, hats and I love hats!  So here is a hint of things she does.  
And  today's mandatory entry is:  Pick a medium  (shirt, hat, purse, socks, sweatshirt) and tell me what you would have Paula  put on it for you to put in the Christmas Stocking Surprise. 

Amanda is a textile and surface designer based in Charlotte, North Carolina. She loves quilting, needlework, vintage clothing and textiles and the intriguing life stories of their creators. 

Amanda Murphy Design is all about color, texture and pattern. Amanda's design work incorporates shapes and patterns found in the natural world, giving them a playful and modern twist by exploring juxtaposition of scale, the contrast of modern and traditional motifs and the surprises that result.  
In August 2011, her collection of quilting cottons for Robert Kaufman Fabrics, "Under the Veranda"  debuted.  Veranda comes in two colorways, a beautiful Sorbet palette of pink, gold and green and a Garden palette of purple, aqua, creamy yellow, and green. Amanda has 8 new patterns that debuted at the quilt market.

All Amanda Murphy Design patterns are full-color and feature clear, graphic diagrams, with a Quilt Assembly Diagram on the center spread. Many of her patterns utilize pre-cuts!  Her first fabric design was Ambrosia and then she debuted her second line of Swiss Chocolate which comes in two luscious color stories - chocolate (reds and browns) and mocha (blues and caramels).
Now you know about Amanda and her designs, go here to see her here  Patterns  .
This is today's mandatory entry:  Pick your favorite pattern and which fabric you would use, come back here and comment about which you chose that you would like Amanda to put in the Christmas Stocking.
Christmas Stocking Surprise Rules


To Be ELIGIBLE To Win  You Have To Have Completed The Mandatory Entry Each Day.  This is a very very nice giveaway and it just wouldn't be fair to give it to someone who entered one day and never came back.  So that is the only RULE you have to follow to win. All other entries are optional.
Extra Entries :
  These are optional entries. You do not have to do any or all of them.

2.  Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect (GFC)  The Learning Curve~Quilts and Such  (can only do this once)
3.  Follow me on Twitter  @jeannegwin  (can only do this once)
4.  Follow me on Facebook The Learning Curve~ Quilts and Such (can only do this once)
5.  Follow the sponsor/sponsor's  of the day on their blog/etsy/shop/etc..  Watch for link each morning.  (Can do this for each sponsor)
6.   Follow the sponsor/sponsor's of the day on Facebook and leave a comment on their page and here.  Watch for link each morning, if there is no link, they are not on facebook.  (Can do this for each sponsor)
7.  Follow the sponsor/sponsor's of the day on Twitter and leave a comment on their twitter and here.   Watch for link each morning, if there is no link they are not on twitter.  (Can do this for each sponsor)
8.   Tell me what you want the most for Christmas this year. (can only do once)
9.   Show a picture of your newest made item. If you can't get the picture to post, send it to my email and I will post it for you. Uh-oh, nothing new?  The last thing you made is your newest, right?  (Can do this once)
10.    Leave me a comment each day to let me know you are paying attention. Who knows I may slip in a gift that you only have a few hours to enter to instant win   :)  (Do this everyday if you want)

For every friend you send and they follow my blog and tell me in a separate comment that you sent them, I will give you each an extra entry.

You have lots of opportunities to win.   Visit my blog every day, there may or may not be surprises.
Be sure you read what I write about each sponsor, without them there would be no gifts to put in the stocking.  Maybe just drop by their Facebook and say I sent you and thank them for their generosity.  
My sponsors have gone above and beyond with what they have done.