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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Stocking Surprise Day 6

Just a quick note to tell you all that the days continue to be "eventful" here in Missouri.  Yesterday afternoon out of the clear blue sky, something grabbed a-hold of me and I knew within minutes that I was sick, really sick. I was out and about with my friend Marilyn when the brown stuff hit the fan and she hurried me home and into bed.  I was so cold and couldn't quit shaking, of course I couldn't, my temperature was 103.4 degrees.  Yep, I was sick and so glad to be in my bed. I called the doctor right away and finally this afternoon they called me in an antibiotic. DH went to the pharmacy for me and I took the first 2 of the huge antibiotic pills.  And still stayed in bed. Just about 30 minutes ago, I woke up and felt almost human.  So I thought to myself, "hurry and get something on the blog" and here I am trying to do just that.
Why don't I just do a surprise giveaway and see who will be an instant winner. Who is up to win some great "older" Christmas Fabric?  I would like to say it is "vintage" but I am not sure it is old enough to be vintage. I have had a storage unit for years full of tubs full of fabric.  Steve went and brought three tubs home yesterday and gee whiz I was shocked to see what I stored in there. I love the older Christmas fabrics, they were so vibrant and fun.  How about we do a giveaway where you tell me what you want?  I can say with confidence that most of this fabric is from 1998 and back.

You tell me what you would like to have.
1. 10  Fat Fourths?  (Fat Quarters)
2. 10 10x10 Cake Stack?  (Layer Cake)
3. 20 5x5 with 2 of each fabric cut  Short Stack?  (Charm Pack)
4.  Christmas Rollup? (Jelly Roll) 

1.  Reds?
2.  Greens?
3.  Blues?
4. Mixture of reds, greens. and blues?

Choose how you want it cut and what color. Let me know by commenting and I will have DH draw a name and you will get what you choose.  Just remember this fabric has been around a while and is not your "new, modern look", but more of the traditional Christmas Fabric.  Personally I love it. I am thinking most of you will too.

Good Luck and get entered, DH will be drawing a name tomorrow evening. (Friday)

Now, back to bed for me, feeling all icky again.  Hope your name is the name drawn.