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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Stocking Surprise Day 10

 Christmas Stocking Surprise Day 10
Aurifil Thread is the Sponsor of The Day
Thank you Alex 
Before I ever used Aurifil Thread, I had heard countless discussions regarding the use of it and how wonderful it is to work with!  Aurifil Thread, something that was coveted as "the best thread to use" by quilters within my circle of blogging quilters. 
So what is so special about Aurifil Thread I kept asking myself, too embarrassed in my lack of knowledge to ask anyone to explain it to me? Aurifil Thread must be the "Cream of the Crop", the"Best of the Best", "The Big Kahuna" of thread for the serious quilter. Well, to learn about Aurifil, I did my research, I listened when people talked about it, and I went to the Aurifil web site, to learn as much as I could about threads. And learn I did.

I have quilted off and on since I was 16 years old only becoming serious about it these last few years. Last year I found the world of "Quilting Bloggers" and what I thought was a pretty darn good  knowledge base, enough to call myself a "quilter", flew right out the window along with my thoughts of putting my "2 cents" into any blog conversation. Are you kidding? I would have sounded like a kindergartner trying to go to college!!  And the learning began, starting with "Thread".

Aurifil Thread isn't just shearing the sheep or picking the cotton and going through the process to end up with a spool of thread that has been dyed a color. Yes color, the world is more then a black and white thread world, it is a world of color that paints a tapestry of beauty. And Aurifil made the tapestry as far as I am concerned. 

I contacted Alex Veronelli, Product Manager for Aurifil Thread, and admitted my ignorance about Aurifil. Thread. I explained that based on my small knowledge base, after hearing so much about Aurifil Thread, I would love to try some and see what I thought. I just wanted to validate all the "hype" that was coming from those "Quilting Bloggers", little did I know who some of them were. But my sheltered existence from the quilting world is another story.  Alex said he would send me some samples to try and I could see for myself if I agreed or disagreed with everything I had been hearing and reading. And I thought, well that is the end of that and went about my doings without too much thought about Aurifil Thread.  Ha, within 3 days I had a box of thread and the excitement grew. Along with the thread there was something else that I had heard discussed and couldn't quite figure out what all the hub-bub was about, a "Color Card".  I couldn't really figure out why that would be so important!?  If you needed blue, you bought blue, right?  Wrong, there "ain't" just one blue out there, something I knew but had not practiced with my quilting.

Aurifil is an Italian company started in 1983 near Milano. Aurifil is highly experienced in producing superior quality cotton threads for professional and domestic quilters as well as meeting the needs of the embroidery communities by developing and making a very wide range of embroidery thread in several weights. Aurifil is dedicated to developing new products based on their belief of speed and sophisticated technology strength which allows them to aesthetically manufacture their products and supplies making the company widely popular in the market place. Take the time to go to the Aurifil Home Page  and learn about weights, colors, purposes and correct usage of threads. I was amazed, simply amazed, at what I learned. Now go forth and follow the link to Aurifil's web site, I believe you will find it interesting and educational, as well as being an eye opener to you about threads, as it was too me.   

My experience with using my samples was fantastic. My sewing machine functioned better then I think it ever has. Hand sewing with Aurifil was like sewing with butter, the thread just made a chore I dislike into a better experience simply because the thread does not twist and twirl like "the other thread I have used for years. It pulled so smoothly through the fabric and I'll swear my stitches even looked better. Right then and there I made a very big decision "I will never waste my time  or insult a quilt by using a big box store's thread ever again".  It is hard to describe the difference but believe me there is a huge difference.  I love the feel of the thread, it is wonderful.  And colors, all I can say about the colors is that if Aurifil doesn't have your color, then you probably don't need it, because I believe they have everything you could ever dream of needing. Threads range by sizes, usages and colors. (yet another fact I didn't know too much about).  Don't forget to go to Aurifil Home Page and read what they have to say. And then when you join a blog of quilters you can put in your 2 cents worth, or at least understand what is being talked about. 

Christmas Stocking Surprise Instructions

To Be ELIGIBLE To Win   **You Have To Complete The Mandatory Entry For Each Day There Is A Sponsor Featured.**  This is a very very nice giveaway and it just wouldn't be fair to give it to someone who entered one day and never came back.  So that is the only thing you  have to do to win. All other entries are optional.

Today's Mandatory Entries: 
1:   Like Aurifil Thread on Facebook, tell Alex that I sent you and come back here to leave a comment that you did.  You might even find another giveaway to enter while you are there.
2:   Comment here about what thread you use and tell us if you have ever used Aurifil. 
3:   What is your favorite color?  Comment here.
4.   What do you hope Alex will put in the Christmas Stocking as a Surprise?  (Personally, I would like to find Alex in my stocking Christmas morning! :o)

1:  For every friend you send and they follow my blog and tell me in a separate comment that you sent them, I will give you each an extra entry.
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7.  Tell me each day if you are still paying attention.  Who knows I may slip in a gift that you only have a few hours to enter for an instant win   :)  I think there might even be one happening some time today. !!

You have lots of opportunities to win.   Visit my blog every day, there may or may not be surprises.  
My sponsors have gone above and beyond with what they have done. Be sure you read what I write about each sponsor, without them there would be no gifts to put in the stocking.  If you have the opportunity take a moment to thank them.  

Good Luck to You All