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Friday, August 17, 2012

Back To School Blog Hop Party August 26th


Time for the Back To School Blog Hop Party and I am so excited!  Why you ask?  Many reasons:
1.  I no longer have to purchase school clothing and supplies!
2.  Although he was in his early 40's my so finally graduated from College!
3.  I love to buy things for my granddaughter and grandson all through the year and maybe it is for school and maybe it isn't, but as the "grandma" I can get away with it!!
4.  No, pushing, shoving, yelling, badgering, money beggin', lost books, dog ate my homework, "it's his fault",  "Mom, where is my ???", softball practices, basketball practices, band practices, "I'm going to ???'s house and will be home later" (later has a broad meaning to a 16 year old), need gas money, have a date, can I, can we, and the ever famous "I Don't Want To Get Up"  and  "Mooooooooom"!!!
Gas Station Worker clipartRoyalty Free RF Clip Art Illustration Of A Cartoon Man Covering His Head With A Pillow by Ron Leishman  bag of money

5. Coffee on the back deck with my sweetie and the wildlife. 
 Retro Woman with a Pot of Fresh Brewed Coffee

6. Sleeping in because "I Don't Want To Get Up"!

But on the other hand it is a bittersweet deal when I hear the school bus pass the house I feel lonesome,

hearing the kids play while waiting on the bus,

mom's and dad's gathering up to chat while waiting with the kids,
meeting the parents at school functions, being room mother,
cub scouts, boy scouts,
trombones, guitars,
kazoo's honking and going to the Blue and Gold Cub Scout banquet and listening to one of the young men playing "The Entertainer" on the piano only to find out it is your son and not having a clue he could play the piano (we didn't have a piano, so where did he learn this? It is still a mystery to me).  A Teen Boy Playing a Piano - Royalty Free Clipart Picture

Yep, there are times when I still miss being a mom to my little boys, but they are great men now and I am so proud of them. 

 Chuck and Sherry                                                                                   
Profile Picture
Kevin and Cyndia

So for all you mom's out there sending your kiddos off to school, treasure the moment, cry your tears, laugh with joy and always be there for your kids, you will have wonderful memories too.  AND, you will survive, I promise!

Keep a watch out for the giveaways to what shall I give away this time?  I have a thought, we shall see if it works , no Lego this time out!!!  What would you like most to have as a gift?




  1. Oh what fun to see a new post from you! I was thinking of you today and here you are.

    What do I most love to see in a giveaway? Fabric, fabric, fabric. :)

    Thrilled to have a "visit" with you.

    xxx Beth

  2. Rosemary B here: Today is the big day to share your bowls project. I hope you can have them up for us to see your amazing handiwork and creativity

  3. Hi
    Found you at the paper piecing blog hop. I love your butoon basket. Come on over and visit me too. I'm your newest follower.

  4. Fabric is always a wonderful giveaway! Found you from the Bowl Blog Hop.

  5. Found you from Bowls and Borders Blog Hop.A newest follower-

    I love giveaway fabrics and tools!


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