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Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday News of Note

Escaping from NKCH

After a long and seriously sick 7 days spent in NKCHospital to once again fight the 'MONSTER GERMS' of the world, the powers that be let me come home Christmas Eve.  These monsters are so much scarier then the ones that live in my closet and under my bed and if I never see them again, well it will be a better world for all of us.  That is enough of that news, it is already old new.

We spent Christmas day with Chuck, Sherry, Connor and Tyler, along with Sallie and Derrick at Chuck's home.  Their new home is so beautiful and decorated so tastefully.  We enjoyed a very nice brunch and then dug into the fun of opening gifts. 

Since I always have done the shopping, it was fun to see what Steve came through with when he had to do it this year.  He is so practical but so much fun with it, so it was fun to watch everyone expressions over their gifts.  It was a shoe type Christmas for some of us--- I got my Chuck All Stars (from Chuck), Sherrie got pretty shoes from her Mom and a pair of her mom's shoes that Sallie thought she bought for Sherrie, too funny.

Connor got 'Duck Dynasty' shoes from the Papa and me.  He also got money in the form of $$$ bills which I taped together into wrapping paper and wrapped his shoe box in them along with money envelopes with Duck Dynasty info written on them and all taped down with camo washi tape!  Everyone else noticed the $1.00 bill wrapping paper but Connor and they kept telling him to save the wrapping paper, after a while when he starting digging into the money packets he caught on to all the excitement.  His face was awesome and he was so excited.  He absolutely loved the whole concept. He had his Dad count his money to be sure he counted right but then handed the money to me to be sure it was all still there, LOL.  I think it is a fact that he must have really loved the shoes a lot as I noticed he had them up in his face smelling them.  When he noticed I was watching he said "Grandma, I just love the smell of my new shoes".  What a kid!! 

Steve received his 'expected and counted upon' annual flannel shirt from Chuck. I often wonder what will happen if Chuck stops that tradition as his shirts are the ones that Steve wears all the time.  That son of ours does have good taste in flannel for sure. I may have to add that to my list for next year, I love flannel too! And of course Chuck and Sherrie were spot on with 2 other gifts for Steve, subscriptions to his favorite magazines 'Mother Earth News' and 'Hobby Farm'.  Along with those and all the seed catalogs pouring in through the mail he will be busy planning, drafting and ordering seeds until spring.  Sallie and Derrick gave Steve a Mandolin and he was really pleased with that. He is the chief cook and I am the bottle washer.  He is anxiously waiting to make homemade potato chips for the New Year celebration. 

Tyler was pleased with his gifts and money.  Waiting patiently for his quilt but making it quite clear he was just happy that I got to be home for Christmas.  He is such a sweet young man. 

I got lots of Coke Memorabilia, my 'Chuck's' and a couple of books I had been wanting.  One being The Civil War Diary Book (thank you Sherrie, you are so thoughtful and good to me).  Steve and I are putting in wood flooring so that is our gift to each other this year. Oh and not to be forgotten, my Sig Sauer 9mm from my BFF-BIL Wally.  His quilt will be done before the gun gets here. I can't hardly wait for the 21st of January.

None of the quilts were done in time for Christmas but everyone was so understanding.  I am feeling a bit stronger each day and think I might actually go sew today for a while.

I am still going to take it easy for the rest of this year and then see what happens as the New Year arrives.


  1. This is the best news! So glad you are home, and it was wonderful to hear about your holiday. Sending lots of love your way.

  2. I wish you a healthy and productive 2013!

  3. So glad you were home for Christmas. Now...take care and best wishes for a healthy 2013.

  4. Ahh what happy news Jeanne! I'm so glad you were able to be home and celebrate Christmas with family. Have your ears been burning? hehe. You have often been in my thoughts and prayers. Please take good care of yourself and rest up. Have a Happy New Years! Hugs xoxo

  5. So happy for you that you were able to spend Christmas home with your family . Take care of yourself and take it easy. hugs Sheila

  6. That`s a great news.Take care and speedy recovery.!


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